Graduate Services

Become Beyond Ready to launch your career

Level Up your critical thinking skills and get ready to go beyond your undergraduate training.  Our graduate students have the competencies of upper level employees and are sought after by companies looking for young professionals who have the ambition to make a difference.

Graduate-level Career Services dedicated to You.

FSB Graduate Careers is dedicated to providing the school’s graduate students and alumni with the tools and resources necessary to successfully launch their careers.

All masters students will meet one on one every semester with a career professional to empower them to build relationships with both recruiters and the Farmer School community.

Additionally, FSB Graduate Careers partners with employers and Farmer alumni to help develop their talent pipelines.

Are you Beyond Ready to LEAD?

The LEAD (Learn, Explore, Achieve, Develop) Program invites self-motivated students to improve their leadership skills.

This program is designed to mirror your future, where your level of initiative and drive for new challenges will be measured by how you participate in the resources offered to you.

Your leadership journey in the Masters program will have you Beyond Ready for a lifetime of career growth. The LEAD Program provides the tools to start the design of your own leadership goals.

Learn your Strengths 

Even before you begin your academic program, you’ll be asked to start your leadership journey.  You will participate in assessments and training to gain insight into what you naturally do best.

Your next step will be to explore your natural talents and strengths, build teamwork, create a goal for leadership, and meet one on one with your certified Career Coach.

Explore your Goals 

This is the time for career technique feedback. Once you know your talents, you will build the skills to share them with others.  There are opportunities to attend both group and individual sessions to develop your career goals and strengthen your leadership skills.

Achieve career awareness

You will gain real life experience valued by employers through career exploration and experiences. The LEAD program complements your curriculum with action based learning and opportunities to connect with top employers in your areas of interest.

Develop Lifelong Strategies 

Enhance your leadership skills by participating in clubs, conferences, case competitions, etc. Network with other professionals and alumni as you create a foundation for your future endeavors.

Key Advising Events

FSB Graduate Careers services includes:

  • Help with devising a career strategy and job search plan
  • Resume ReDesign for competitive graduate level jobs
  • Build your Brand preparation for successful interviews
  • Talent training and group dynamic development
  • Network with companies and jobs that match your interests