FBS Study Abroad for Business Honors

Student on the FSB At Sea semester with freighter in background
 Student visiting elephants in South Africa
 Students in large open area in Chinese city
 London Eye and surrounding buildings
 Students in SE asia near representations of dragons

Studying abroad is a valuable experience for Business Honors students and participation is strongly encouraged and supported. We understand that students in the Business Honors program have fixed curricular requirements that could prohibit participation during certain terms or on specific programs. The FSB Global Studies office and FSB Advising office are available to advise Business Honors students about available opportunities. Please see below for general guidelines related to studying abroad as a Business Honors student:

Faculty-Led Programs in Summer or Winter: Students may be able to participate in an FSB faculty-led program that offers a course typically completed as part of the Business Honors program with the expectation that they complete an Honors extension for that course while taking it abroad

Full Semester Abroad: The spring of Junior year is ideal for Business Honors students to study abroad for a full semester; however, fall of Junior year may be permissible if a student is willing to complete an Honors extension for BLS 342 or take BLS 342C during the fall of their Senior year. Students interested in studying abroad in a semester outside of Junior year should speak with the Director of the Business Honors Program, Jan Taylor.