Course Equivalencies

Search the FSB Study Abroad Course Equivalency Database to see what courses students have taken abroad in the past and how they transferred to Miami. This database reflects business courses on semester study abroad programs only.

Important Notice Concerning the Database of FSB Equivalencies

This database is a tool intended to help students explore pre-approved business courses that are offered on study abroad programs. To use the database effectively, it’s important to understand what information it conveys, and its limitations.
  • This database reflects the courses students have taken abroad in the past, and the FSB course equivalent. A student who takes the same course at the same university or study abroad program may expect to earn the same credit, barring any substantial changes to the course content.
  • Specific courses may not be offered every semester, there may be high course demand or limited seats, and each study abroad program may have its own guidelines for what courses a student is able to take. Please consult your study abroad program about course offerings and your ability to enroll in a particular course.
  • T# courses are considered electives because there is not an equivalent course offered at Miami. If your major requires that you take an elective, it may be possible that a T# course can fulfill that requirement. Please consult your advisor if you have questions about T# courses.
  • Students are not restricted to the courses listed in the database. It is a living, growing document; as additional courses are evaluated, they are incorporated into the database. Courses must be re-evaluated every three years. Courses due for re-evaluation are indicated in red.

Reminder of FSB Study Abroad Transfer Credit Policy

If you don’t find a particular study abroad course in the database, you can get it evaluated by submitting the FSB Petition to Validate Transfer Credit Form. You will be required to upload the syllabus for the course.

Study abroad courses taken on FSB Exchange Programs, FSB Preferred Study Abroad Programs, and AACSB-/EQUIS-accredited business schools are eligible for business course equivalency pre-approval. Study abroad courses taken on any other program may be reviewed after completion, but there is a risk that the course will not be approved as an equivalent.

FSB Study Abroad Course Equivalency Database