Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a top-ranked comprehensive research institution with a long list of notable alumni, including many of contemporary China's government leaders. CUHK's global vision “combines tradition with modernity, as it brings together China and the West.” CUHK launched its first student exchange program in 1965, and continues to receive students from 300 universities worldwide, making its campus a true international melting pot.

Exchange students can enroll in business courses, language and culture classes, and can participate in a variety of sports teams and other extracurricular clubs and activities. Hong Kong is a perfect blend of East and West, where busy city pace meets traditional lifestyle. In Hong Kong, you can learn business and trade in the world’s freest economy, experience life in an international, cosmopolitan city, follow traces of Chinese and Western cultures, eat and shop around the clock, and travel to Mainland China and other destinations in Asia in the blink of an eye.

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Program Cost

  • Pay regular tuition and fees to Miami University

  • Pay housing costs directly to host university (housing options vary per program)

  • Your scholarships and financial aid will apply!

  • Need- and Merit-based FSB scholarships available