Courses and Requirements

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Farmer School of Business study abroad programs are open to students of all majors at Miami who meet the prerequisites. Students must meet prerequisites of Corvinus as well as the Miami prerequisites of a Corvinus course that has an equivalent to a Miami course.

Prior Semester Expectations:

During semester leading up to departure there will be mandatory pre-departure meetings. These meetings will address program details, course registration, roommate preferences, important dates, and tips for success.

Program Curriculum:

Students will take:

  • FOUR (4) three credit hour pre-approved business and general elective courses at the Corvinus University (Fulfills the Miami Plan Global Requirement)
  • Students may elect to enroll in one additional course for a supplemental fee.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to research whether a course offered at Corvinus will be taught in the Fall or the Spring semester. The following business courses have been pre-approved. It is reasonable to expect to take 1-2 business courses:
    • FIN 351 Corporate Finance – Approved as FIN 301
    • FIN 451 Corporate Finance II– Approved as FIN 302
    • MAR 432 International Marketing – Approved as MKT 425
    • MAR 475 Cross-Cultural Communication and Marketing – Approved as MKT 490
    • MAR 526 Consumer Behavior: Millennials and Generation Z – Approved as MKT 490
    • MAN 485 Human Resource Management – Approved as MGT 303
    • MAN 481 Organizational Behavior – Approved as MGT 291
    • BUS 276 Business Economics – Approved as MGT 111
    • ECO 131 Microeconomics – Approved as ECO 201
    • ECO 136 Macroeconomics - Approved as ECO 202
    • ECO 395 Economics and the European Union - Approved as ECO Elective
    • ECO 415 Transition and Post Transition Challenges in Hungary - Approved as ECO Elective
    • ECO 238 International Economics – Approved as ECO 344
    • BUS 401 Business Enterprise- Start-up to SME – Approved as ESP 201
    • LAW 462 Introduction to Legal Studies – Approved as BLS 342

Additional course offerings are available through Corvinus and consideration for credit for a Miami equivalent will be considered on a case by case basis. "See a list of non-business courses offered at Corvinus University"