Courses and Requirements

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 River in Maastricht at twilight
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Prior Semester Expectations:

During semester leading up to departure there will be mandatory pre-departure meetings. These meetings will address program details, course registration, roommate preferences, important dates, and tips for success.

Program Curriculum:

The semester is divided into two half-semester blocks. Students have the option of selecting from the following courses which will be taught over the two blocks. Students are responsible for reviewing Maastricht course prerequisites to ensure they are academically eligible to take their intended course.

  1. Block 4 & 5: Introductory Dutch language course and Dutch Culture and Identity*
  2. Block 1 Select two courses from the following list:
    • [LIT 2002] The Roaring 20s, Nazi Terrors and Cold war: European Experience reflected in Lit*
    • [BUS 2002] Leadership and Management in a Global World (equivalent to MGT 415)
      • Pre-req: MGT 291
    • EBC 1017: Strategy (Equivalent TBD)
    • EBC 2024: Marketing Research and Supply Chain Management or EBC 2050: Project and Process Management (equivalent to 1/2 of MGT 302)
    • EBC 2048: Organisational Behavior (equivalent to MGT 291)
    • EBC 2070: International Financial Management (equivalent to FIN 417)
      • Pre-req: FIN 301
    • EBC 2127: Public Finance (Equivalent TBD)
  3. Block 2 Select two courses from the following list:
    • [ART 2002] Dutch Art History*
    • BUS 3001: Economics of European Integration (fulfills an ECO elective)
      • Pre-req: ECO 201, 202 
    • BUS 3011: ‘Marketing, it’s all about creating value! – a business approach’ (equivalent to MKT 325)
      • Pre-req: MKT 291
    • EBC1026: Finance (equivalent to FIN 301)
      • Pre-req: ECO 201 and ACC 221
    • EBC1029: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management (equivalent to ½ of MGT 302)
    • EBC2027: International Business (equivalency TBD)
    • EBC2043: Services Marketing (equivalent to MKT 490)
      • Pre-req: MKT 291
    • EBC2045: Digital Supply Networks (equivalency TBD)
    • EBC2068: Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (equivalency TBD)
    • EBC2081: Ethics, Organisations and Society (equivalency TBD)
    • EBC2163: Human Resource Management (equivalent to MGT 303)
      • Pre-req: MGT 291


*LIT 2002, ART 2002, and the Dutch Language can be used to satisfy a thematic sequence. Student may need to submit a petition to Liberal Education.

Business courses selected can fulfill the Miami Plan Global Requirement

ART 2002 could possibly fulfill the Miami Plan Foundation II-A Fine Art Requirement by petition.

Course selection may be limited based on pre-requisite coursework, capacity, and schedule conflicts.