Courses and Requirements

FSB Australia Internship - a photo collage of scenic photos of Australian landscapes and groups of students
Students participating in this program will take BUS 399 (4 credit hours), BUS 330 (1 credit hour), and BUS 206 (1 credit hour). 

TRACK 1:  2.7 min GPA by August 2019; MKT 291 by December 2019. 

TRACK 2:  a 2.5 GPA by August 2019 and sophomore standing by December 2019

Second Semester Expectations: 

During second semester there will be pre-departure meetings that require mandatory attendance. These meetings will address background learning and travel tips. 

Courses Offered:

BUS 399:  Doing Business in Australia    (4 credit hours)

Students will learn to identify and discuss the various external forces that affect how business is conduced in Australia and those forces' impact on business decision making.  Students will actively participate in discussions of business issues in Australia with guest speakers and guest lecturers from local universities and businesses. 

taught by Dr. Gillian Oakenfull

BUS 330:   Professional Practice     (1 credit hour)

Students participating in an internship program register for this course during the semester they are on work assignment.

taught by Mr. Nick Cattin

BUS 206:  Business Career Exploration    (1 credit hour)

This course will explore the diverse career paths available to students studying the field of business, from public and private corporate settings to nonprofit and government sectors.  Students will explore personal and academic strengths, identify/confirm possible business majors and potential career paths, and develop their Philosophy of Work.  In addition to developing career related documents and job search/interview skills, students will have the opportunity to engage and network with FSB Employers and alumni. 

taught by Mr. Nick Cattin