Courses and Requirements

Various images of Asia

The Global Studies programs through the Farmer School of Business are open to all majors at Miami who meet the prerequisites. Students participating in this program will take either BUS 420 (3 credit hours) OR BUS 420 (3 credit hours) and ISA 235 (3 credit hours) for a total of 6 credit hours.


30 earned hours by May 2020 and a 2.60 GPA by December 2019. Please note that priority will be given to business majors and rising seniors for this program.  Students must be at least 18 years old by the program departure date.  

Semester Expectations: 

During the spring semester there will be mandatory pre-departure meetings. These meetings will include some course work as well as travel and cultural preparation.

Courses Offered:

ISA 235:  Information Technology and the Intelligent Enterprise    (3 credit hours)

Focuses on the strategic role of information technology and systems. Topics include: Challenges faced by managers in firms, understanding key technologies and how they help meet these challenges, and the processes, policies and procedures needed to manage technical and digital assets.

BUS 420:  FSB International Studies Program    (3 credit hours)

The class provides an introduction to the history, culture, geography, business environment, economy, and language of the places FSB students will travel during their summer international experience. Portions of the class are in Oxford prior to departure, and portions are held in the country of the program.

Both classes taught by Dr. Sooun Lee