Application Process

FSB Luxembourg Plus - a photo collage of scenic photos of European landscapes and groups of students

Applications for FSB Luxembourg Plus will open online September 8, 2017.


  1. Course and Program Prerequisites Required: Students must have a 2.60 G.P.A. by January 2018 and 28 credit hours by May 2018. Students must be available for all spring pre-departure meetings. All course prerequisites must be complete prior to the beginning of the program.
  2. Information sessions will be held on September 7 and 18, 2017.  It is not required that you attend the information session prior to applying, but it is encouraged.  The Summer Program rosters are usually established by mid-October to November.
  3. Disciplinary Record Requirement: All applicants must submit a disciplinary waiver form.  Acceptance to a program will be based, in part, on a review of each student’s disciplinary records. The nature of the offense, date of the offense, and disciplinary status will be considered. Students on disciplinary probation may not participate in a Farmer School of Business workshop.  Please see the FSB Study Abroad Eligibility Policy.


Apply on-line at

  • Search by the program name.

A Completed Application Is:

  • A disciplinary waiver form signed electronically on-line.
  • An application submitted online.

Application Deadline:

  • FSB Luxembourg Plus Summer Term Program
    • Program opens September 8
    • First Round: All completed applications received by September 22 will be considered.
    • Rolling acceptance until program is full.

Notification Date:

  • FSB Luxembourg Plus Summer Term Program
    • First round acceptance notification sent out by e-mail by October 6.
    • Second round notification to be sent per rolling acceptance.

Deposits & Payments (For accepted students):

  • FSB Luxembourg Plus Summer Term Program
    • The deposit for this program is $1,000.00.
    • If accepted in first round, deposit is due November 3, 2017. 
    • If accepted in the second round, deposit is due two weeks after acceptance.
  • Balance due of $2,500.00. To be paid in 2 installments due January 30 and February 26, 2018.