Alumni Spotlight

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 Group of MBA students at competition
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Daniel Culbertson (President, OMNI Technologies)

"Not being the best academic student in undergrad I was concerned about the course work being too academic and not applicable to my profession.  Wow was I wrong, by having the program based on case studies the academic part of the program became incredibly engaging.  I worked hard with my peers to solve real world problems (not out of a textbook), and had a lot of fun doing it.  To this day I think the MBA program compressed 15 years of work experience into a 2-year program and catapulted my career trajectory. There is no doubt that pursuing an MBA, especially at Miami, is a huge undertaking and isn’t supposed to be easy.  A lot of personal sacrifice goes into achieving something of such significance, but I can’t point to many other things I’ve done that have had such a tremendous impact on where I’ve ended up. I owe a debt of gratitude to my cohort, my instructors and Miami for playing such a huge role in my development, both personally and professionally."

Vanessa Mosley (Chief Impact Officer, Inspiring Service)

"My Farmer School of Business MBA has been an incredible asset to my career. There have been opportunities to apply what I learned nearly every day. From accounting to supply chain to human resource management, there hasn’t been a single area of responsibility where I haven’t called upon skills learned in the program. The faculty is second to none. I have maintained contact with several of my professors and found them to be incredible mentors during the time I was attending class and also after graduation.  Another incredible benefit was having the opportunity to expand my network. I have reached out to members of my cohort for advice on everything from major purchases to investment strategy. Beyond the professional advantages, there have been many personal benefits. The rigorous coursework and demanding schedule expanded my strategic thinking, agility, emotional intelligence, daily discipline, and so much more.  I am a better business leader because of my Miami MBA."

Tyler Werner (Senior Scientist, Digital Transformation-Procter & Gamble)

"Getting my MBA at Miami University was an invaluable experience. I was able to learn from Academics and Real-World Professionals, both of which taught me lessons that will last my entire career. Through the MBA process, I was able to develop technical and non-technical skills that have enabled me to be a better leader and drive strategic innovation within my company! I highly recommend this program to anyone trying to better themselves and become a leader within his/her profession!"

Nancy Nix (Treasurer of Butler County)

"After having been out of college for two decades, working towards my MBA was a huge eye opener. The various Finance, Strategy, and Information Systems courses forced me to use skills that had been dormant or were undeveloped. Technology had changed immensely in the 20 years between undergrad and grad school, and the changes have only been more dramatic since then.  I believe grad school provided me with a more worldly view, better cognitive skills, and the confidence needed in running for office or making decisions. Being a Miami MBA grad is an invaluable credential when working with business leaders, government officials, or everyday taxpaying customers at our office. Graduating with an MBA from Miami University was a turning point for my personal life as well, and is one of my life's greatest achievements."

Lytia Watson (Vice-President Human Resources, Deceuninck North America)

"I enjoyed my MBA Program even though it was a challenge to balance work, family, and illness.  The tenacity generated has served me well post program as I pursued my new career goals.  I was quite intimidated at first, but grew to appreciate the challenge and the opportunity to apply myself in a new way. I'm grateful for the friendships formed within my cohort(s)  also serving as a powerful professional network.  Mr. Platt, Mr. Heuer, and Mr. Ashenbaum have also been supportive post program. A great experience overall."

Nick Miller, (President, ARKU Inc.)

“Miami’s MBA program was an excellent next-step in my career path. With a background in engineering, I was well equipped for the technical aspects of my job but my general business skills were lacking. The MBA program gave me the tools I needed to succeed at work and advance my career. As an executive in my current role, I now feel comfortable in meetings across all areas of my business: marketing, finance, accounting, and others. Above all, the critical thinking and leadership skills have helped me the most. Thank you to Miami for helping elevate my career to the next level.”