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Prerequisites ensure the MBA student has appropriate functional competency in key business foundations critical to academic success in the Program. Prerequisites permit faculty to move ahead with advanced course work having confidence that all students have solid fundamental business knowledge.

Below is a description of the topics that professors expect students to have proficient knowledge of in Financial Accounting and Microeconomics.

Please note: if you have taken these courses in the past and received a grade of "C" or better you are not required to take our online courses in preparation for the MBA Program. 

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Financial Accounting

  • The meaning of accrual accounting
  • The accounting equation of assets = liabilities + equity
  • The format of the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of retained earnings and the interrelationships among these statements
  • The format of the statement of cash flows and how to interpret it
  • How to assess the impact of transactions on a set of financial statements
  • How to compute and interpret financial statement ratios.
  • How to perform horizontal and vertical analysis of financial statements

Micro Economics

  • Prices and Market Equilibrium (aka "Supply and Demand")
  • Price Elasticity: causes and effects
  • Cost Concepts (fixed vs variable, average vs incremental)
  • Profit maximization under perfect and imperfect competition
  • Entry and exit in "the long run"
  • Market structure and implications