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The MSiM is a 30 credit hour program with a required pre-program Foundation week.  There are three component parts to the MSiM: preparation (18 credit hours), practice (6 credit hours)  and execution (6 credit hours).  The three parts will collectively engage the student, first with knowledge and integration of the various gears that are engaged in the functioning of a business in the preparation component; then enable application and analysis in the practice module and finally, apply the scientific method, using data and insights to research, build perspectives and create new knowledge that informs business practice, in the execute or culminating component. Classes are held in the evening three times a week beginning at 6:00pm in the Farmer School of Business in Oxford, OH.


MSiM Program Components and Timeline 

Program Components


Foundation week

Pre-Program week. Credit/No Credit

Preparation Component 

Fall term: 13.5 credit hours

Winter term: 4.5 credit hours

Practice Component

Spring term: 6 credit hours

Execution Component or Culminating Experience

Spring term: 6 credit hours


MSiM Curriculum

  • ECO 618 Game Theory and Decisions 1.5 credit hours
  • ACC 611 Accounting for Managers 3.0 credit hours
  • ISA 628 Information Technology and Analytic's Role in the Enterprise 1.5 credit hours
  • ISA 629 Leveraging IT and Data Across the Business 1.5 credit hours
  • MGT 627 Supply Chain and Operations Management 3.0 credit hours
  • MKT 618 Marketing Management 3.0 credit hours
  • FIN 625 Managerial Finance 3.0 credit hours
  • MGT 610 Strategic Human Capital Management 1.5 credit hours
  • ISA 641 Data Discovery Through Business Analytics for Managers 2.0 credit hours
  • MKT 633 Digital Marketing 1.0 credit hours
  • ESP 652 Applied Entrepreneurial Mindset: Creativity & Innovation 1.5 credit hours
  • MGT 650 Leadership, Teams, and Ethical Decision Making 1.5 credit hours
  • BUS 601 Consulting Capstone 6.0 credit hours

Total Credit Hours: 30 

See full course descriptions in the Miami Bulletin.

Certificate in Business Management

Students will earn the certificate, if they complete Foundation week plus any 12 credit hours from the Business Core. This can be completed in the fall semester. Alternatively, a student may select 12 credit hours from courses in fall and winter semesters to earn the certificate.