Recruiters learn more about Farmer School, students at summit

Dean Marc Rubin talks to recruiters
Dean Marc Rubin talks to recruiters Photo: Jay Murdock

More than two dozen career recruiters were at the Farmer School of Business last week, but there weren’t any students around to meet or recruit. The recruiters were attending the first Recruiter Summit held by FSB Career Services.

Director of Professional Development Monique Frost came up with the idea for the summit last year. “I was speaking with some recruiters last fall and they mentioned, ‘Hey, we come on campus, we recruit students, we know the majors that they have, but we want to learn more about what they're learning in the classroom and what FSB and Miami are doing about diversity, etc,’” she recalled. “I could answer those questions from my perspective, but I thought we should get some of the senior leaders, both here in FSB and in the central office, to answer those questions.”

The recruiters heard about career planning, upcoming and possible updates to the curriculum, and diversity at the Farmer School, before a panel discussion of best practices and a quiz about Gen Z students and what they’re looking for in a school and a career. The summit finished up with information about the fall and spring career fairs.

The summit was a new experience for Protiviti’s Sarah Hense. “I haven't been to one of these kind of day long events. Not being an alum of Miami, today was really, really helpful to get some background about the business school,” the campus recruiting specialist explained. “Understanding a little bit more of the initiatives specifically for Farmer, understanding where they're planning to go and how we can target our recruiting efforts.”

“Knowing that we have a community amongst the recruiters that spend a lot of time at Miami and want the students, I think it was nice to see them,” KPMG’s Kelsey Green noted. “Now it's familiar faces I'll see at career fairs and events like that.”

“I thought today was really good. We didn't know what to expect coming here with it being a recruiter summit, but with no interaction with students,” David J. Joseph Company’s Shawntay Rucker said. “I enjoyed hearing different tips and pieces of advice from the other recruiters. I really liked some of the professors and leaders who spoke on what everyone did. I liked seeing some of the numbers, hearing diversity information, and trying to figure out Gen Z.”

Frost said that the summit probably won’t be a yearly event, but it’ll definitely happen again in the coming years. “I heard great feedback,” she said.  “They liked being able to hear all the information about FSB, and they said that they found it very, very valuable. I want to educate incoming employers and recruiters so that we can broaden our reach with the information and opportunities that we have.”

Recruiters listen to a speaker at the Recruiter Summit

Dean Marc Rubin

Recruiters listen to a speaker at the Recruiter Summit

Recruiters listen to Kirk Bogard at the Recruiter Summit