FSB faculty member wins entrepreneurship award from SW Ohio group

Mark Lacker with his award

Mark Lacker, the John W. Altman Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, has been awarded the prestigious Larry Albice Entrepreneur Award from HCDC on Wednesday. HCDC, formerly known as the Hamilton County Development Company, helps build businesses and promote job creation in Cincinnati and Hamilton County through businesses incubation, business lending, and economic development services.

“Mark first came to HCDC as a client and two of his three ventures called HCDC home.  The second HCDC startup, Sumner Solutions, was a corporate event marketing company that grew from 2 to 14 people and supported more than 1,500 corporate events,” Theresa Sedlack, HCDC Business Center director, explained. “Mark first got involved with Miami’s entrepreneurship program through that company, engaging students as consultants and interns.”

Lacker has taught at the Farmer School since 2004 and has been the John W. Altman Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship since 2011. He also received the Miami University Alumni Association Effective Educator Award in 2016.

“Mark’s impact extends well beyond campus, as he works tirelessly across Startup Cincy’s ecosystem, including at HCDC as a member of the Business Center’s Entrepreneur Assistance Committee. Mark is a true champion of entrepreneurs and the ecosystems that help them thrive - his support transcends traditional academic course and even graduation boundaries.  Our startup community is much better for his tireless efforts,” Sedlack said.

The award is named for Larry Albice, former chairman and board member of HCDC, who was instrumental in the expansion of the Business Center.

Slide displaying Mark Lacker's face and the award he won