KPMG partners with FSB Accountancy Department on curriculum innovation

Students meet with KPMG employees at the KPMG picnic

By Drew Reffett

The accountancy programs at Miami University and the Farmer School of Business have long been at the very forefront of accounting education. Maintaining our leading position requires that we continuously innovate and improve the educational experience we provide. In particular, we must ensure that the accountancy curriculum equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to thrive in an increasingly dynamic business world. Accordingly, we view curriculum innovation as one of our most critical departmental initiatives.

Innovating curriculum, and then implementing the consequent curricular changes, however, is a daunting task that we cannot successfully accomplish alone. As such, over the last several years, we have relied heavily on many of our alums and stakeholders for insights and support to guide our curriculum innovation efforts (thank you all who have contributed!).

In this regard, I am ecstatic to report that one of our department’s highly valued stakeholders, KPMG, recently committed to partner with us on our curriculum innovation initiative. In addition to contributing financial support, KPMG will also provide valuable expertise in assisting our faculty develop cases that will enhance our students’ ability to learn and apply new technologies to solve problems and effectively communicate solutions to a broad range of stakeholders.

The financial support and expertise we will receive from KPMG is tremendously important in ensuring the success of our curriculum innovation efforts. We thank KPMG for this amazingly generous commitment and look forward to our partnership to ensure that the accountancy programs at Miami remain at the forefront of accounting education many years into the future!