'This is the time to shine': New FSB students welcomed as new school year begins

Dr. Jim Friedman discusses how students can succeed in a Zoom call

It wasn’t the typical “Welcome to the Farmer School” event on Friday, held virtually for more than 1100 first-year students. But the virtual environment didn’t change the desire to make the class of 2024 feel like they were ready and able to handle the challenges and opportunities ahead.

“We could not be happier to welcome you so that you feel who we are as a school and what we have to offer you, as we partner with you over the next four years to help you grow as both scholars and leaders,” Farmer School dean Jenny Darroch said. “We've been preparing for this fall semester all summer, and what's really impressed me is how much the faculty and staff have been working with your interests at heart.”

Entrepreneurship professor Jim Friedman pointed out that much of the students’ future success will hinge on the actions they take in the coming weeks. “How are you going to crush your COVID semester? That's going to be a really important question because you've got a decision to make. Everything you do here this semester is going to make a statement -- are you going to come to Farmer and establish yourself as a business rock star, as a student rock star? Are you going to step up?” he remarked.

Friedman told the incoming students that to be successful, they should:

  • Show up to every class
  • Be prepared for every class meeting
  • Have conversations
  • Learn to speak up in virtual settings
  • Take advantage of faculty office hours
  • Join co-curricular activities

“It is a very, very exciting thing that you're about to do, and I value what you're taking on. It's a very difficult time, but nobody really ever gets noticed during the easy times, and this is the time to shine,” Friedman said.

Business Student Advisory Council members Maddie Krueger and Alex Davenport also had advice for the incoming FSB students:

  • Invest in each other – make friends and build relationships
  • Get involved in business organizations
  • Get to know the faculty
  • Embrace every opportunity
  • Set boundaries to avoid pushing yourself too hard
  • Be nimble, flexible, and able to pivot when needed
  • Discover, understand, and be true to your personal brand
  • Don’t compare your path to others’ – everyone’s path is different
  • Enjoy college

“I know coming in as a freshman, I was so nervous and intimidated. Farmer can feel very overwhelming at first. But I realized that there's absolutely no reason to be nervous or intimidated. Everyone here is really your biggest supporter,” Krueger said. “We are such a supportive group of students. So if it's your turn to get an opportunity, your friends will be happy for you, your peers will be happy for you, and when it's their turn, you'll do the same thing for them.”