Redhawk Launch Accelerator announces sixth cohort of startups

The Miami RedHawk Launch Accelerator has announced the six student-led and one alumni-led startups that will comprise its sixth cohort:

Saberhagen Supplies is a provider of digital in-game assets & gaming currencies for community-based game developers. Since 2017, they have been providing clients in more than 20 countries access to hundreds of highly detailed digital maps, models, graphical user interfaces, scripts, morphs/armors, and more. They've strived to create the largest available offering of highly customizable digital products for community-based gaming studios seeking premade, easy-to-implement add-ins to enhance and progress their games.

FinMan Fishing Innovations manufactures an innovative rod-mounted multi-tool for the recreational fishing market. FinMan was founded with one goal in mind - to enable anglers to “fish more and rig less.” The patented tool, FinMan Original, serves the functions of a knife, scissor, and hook keeper all in one, so it saves recreational anglers time and eliminates the need to reach for (or remember to bring) a variety of larger tools when on the water.

AutoHive’s reseller marketplace connects car owners to people and auto shops selling used car parts. Sellers list their inventory based on a preset template to make listing quicker and streamline the search process for buyers. AutoHive’s inventory database brings price transparency and marketing consistency to the disorganized used car parts market. With a low cost monthly subscription, sellers get access to unlimited listings and price history for every part sold. 

Storage Connect takes the headache out of storage.Their platform guides the consumer through discovering, choosing, booking, and consulting for their short-term to long-term storage needs. They focus on reducing friction for the end user and storage provider.

Avari creates virtual reality simulations of outdoor recreational activities and environments for use in clinical therapy and palliative care. They create 360 degree and wide-angle virtual reality simulations used for both guided clinical therapy and for providing pediatric patients with opportunities to "experience" a variety of activities and environments from which they are limited in due to the restrictive nature of their health. The company aims to help improve the mental and emotional health of these individuals while also helping to expand the boundaries of research and implications of virtual reality in the healthcare industry.

Biom’s mission is to increase public appreciation of the environment we live in by creating unique products that enhance their user’s outdoor experience. Its flagship product, the Raypak Kayak, is an ultralight two-piece “kayak backpack” made to be taken anywhere with ease, to be stored in average sized storage spaces and vehicles, and enjoyable for all types of outdoor people. With their devotion to their mission and innovativeness of their products, they intend to make thinking green a routine mindset.

Hypernova Technologies is a software development firm with a mission to empower brands through accelerated development and web technology. The company is based out of Cincinnati and works in Spaces and Union Hall. Currently, the company is looking to launch two disruptive products in different markets. Hypertection, is a program that allows businesses to create reliable, low-cost digital safety nets that endure standard business performance and disruption. Unlocked Sounds, is a tool dedicated to unlocking waves of creators and information within the music industry. It will serve as both an informative and collaborative tool for creators to scout each other in specific regions.

Based in Union Hall in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine district, the Redhawk Launch Accelerator is the John. W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship’s seed stage startup accelerator for all Miami University student-led startups with high growth potential. In six years, it has helped launch OrosapparelAkindaKCD Cosmetics, and Apex Sports, among others. Participating startups will: 

  • Work one to one with mentors 
  • Work side-by-side with subject matter experts and practicing entrepreneurs 
  • Identify and achieve growth benchmarks
  • Pitch to startup accelerators and funders at Demo Day
  • Receive up to $2,500 in operating capital 

Programming during the semester will focus on critical aspects of growing a startup, including: 

  • Benchmark and goal setting 
  • Customer interviews and feedback 
  • Prototype development and testing 
  • Achieving product-market fit 
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Venture capital

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