Analytics Co-Major and Business Analytics Major and Career Info

Analytics describes the extensive use of data to guide evidence-based decision-making. This field has emerged during a time when massively large data sets are being collected throughout society. Analytics lives at the junction between numerous traditional disciplines including information systems and statistics.

This program will provide a framework for thinking about the collection and use of so-called "big data" and students will develop skills for handling structured and unstructured data sets and for developing models to predict behavior in data-rich environments.  The analytics track is truly interdisciplinary and provides a framework for thinking about the collection and use of data that will complement the pursuit of any major across the university.


  • Learn a framework for thinking about the collection and use of “big data”
  • Handle structured and unstructured data sets
  • Develop models to predict behavior in data-rich environments

Top Employers

  • Accenture
  • Bell Flight
  • Cardinal Health
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • EY
  • KPMG
  • PwC
  • Textron
  • West Monroe Partners

Career Opportunities

  • Business Analyst
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Digital Technology Leadership Program
  • Information Technology Leadership
  • Innovation Analyst
  • IT Financial Systems Analyst
  • Operations Systems Analyst
  • Risk Advisory Consultant Staff
  • Technology Consultant
  • Technology Leadership Development

A Word From Former Students

"I chose Analytics because the field just keeps growing more and more and it is now useful in basically any business field. As an IT Risk Consultant, Analytics gave me the skills I need to navigate different IT systems and make sure my client's data is reliable and correctly being used for reporting.”

– Beatriz S. ‘19, IT Risk Consultant 

“I chose to study Analytics because I was intrigued by how business can be completely transformed by technology, especially in today’s world with the increase of innovation and automation. I also enjoyed learning the tools and techniques needed to utilize data in making informed business decisions. In my current role, I’m able to apply the technical concepts I learned in class as well as soft skills such as teamwork, effective communication, and being able to learn quickly/adapt to be successful. I would recommend the Analytics co-major because businesses continue to incorporate technology in all functional areas. Having an understanding of how tech and business work together and the strengths/weaknesses will make you a valuable asset at your future company.”

– Sarah W. ‘19, Textron IT Leadership Development Program