Students smiling in entrepreneurship class
Entrepreneurship classroom
 David Eyman talking with a student before class
 Instructor teaching classroom of entrepreneurship students
 Participant plays with string at Creativity City

Entrepreneurship is more than creating businesses, it’s a way of living life. The entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviors provide valuable tools for evaluating options, imagining possibilities and taking risks across all disciplines.  Being a part of the Entrepreneurship minor will teach you the mindsets, habits and behaviors it takes to live your life with the ability to think differently, collaborate effectively and excel boldly. Our minor explores the areas of creativity & innovation, startup and venture capital, social entrepreneurship, corporate venturing and technology commercialization.  Our classes are team-based and coached by world-class faculty committed to mentoring students and helping them explore their passions. The minor complements all majors, skill sets and interests of Miami Students. Sound like something for you? Let’s talk. Stop by 2078 to get more information on joining Entrepreneurship.

Minor Information

  • 19 credit hours
  • Open to all students.
  • Satisfies the thematic sequence requirement for non-business majors.
  • ESP 401 and 461 are Miami Plan Capstones and Business Capstones.
  • ESP 101, 201, 251, 252, and one of 321, 331, 341, or 351 are recommended before ESP 401 or 461.
  • Application required.  Contact Dr. Jim Friedman, jim.friedman@miamioh.edu, or visit Entrepreneurship minor webpage for more information.
  • Prerequisite information available in the Miami Bulletin

Minor Requirements


  • ESP 101
  • ESP 201
  • ESP 251
  • ESP 252
  • ESP 401
  • ESP 461

Select one of the following:

  • ESP 321
  • ESP 331
  • ESP 341
  • ESP 351

Created by FSB Advising, July 2020