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The Management minor is available to any non-business major, with the exception of Engineering Management, and focuses on the management of human and non-human resources. It is designed for majors in the College of Arts and Science, the College of Education, Health, and Society, and the College of Engineering and Computing. Students are required to take MGT 291 and MGT 295 during the summer or winter terms.

Minor Information

  • 18 or 19 credit hours
  • Open to non-business majors only (Except Engineering Management).
  • Not open to students in the Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Small Business Management degree. 
  • Satisfies the thematic sequence requirement for non-business majors.
  • Students are only able to declare one minor in the Department of Management
  • Visit the Miami Bulletin for more information

Minor Requirements

Complete one of the following: 

  • ISA/STA 125
  • PSY 293
  • STA 261
  • STA 301
  • STA 368


  • MGT 111
  • MGT 211 or 291
  • MGT 295

Select Two of the Following:

  • ECO 201
  • MGT 303
  • MGT 304
  • MGT 402
  • MGT 404
  • MGT 405
  • MGT 406
  • MGT 414
  • MGT 415
  • MGT 416
  • MGT 432
  • MGT 451
  • MGT 453

Minor Advisor:

Dr. Xiaowen Huang


Created by FSB Advising, July 2020