Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Computers

Personal computers are highly recommended for students at Miami University. If you are using a laptop, Miami University has wireless access points throughout campus. For more details:

Miami University Technology Store

Connectng your PC to Wireless

I will be enrolling in the Farmer School of Business; they recommend Windows Notebooks, but I prefer to use a Mac. Will that be a problem?

The Farmer School of Business recommends using Windows laptops (PCs) over Apple (Macs) because this best coordinates with our learning environment. There are various projects involving specific software in which a PC is used to teach. It is, therefore, easier to also use when out of the classroom. It is not a requirement that a PC be used, but it is a strong recommendation. Students who wish to run Windows using Apple’s Boot Camp technology or in a virtualized environment (using software such as Parallels or VMware Fusion) may do so. However, if the Windows environment on the Mac does not properly run the software, students will need to seek their own solutions as the Farmer School of Business does not have resources to support the use of applications in these environments. The burden of support will be on the student.


Our computer labs are set up with pay-for-print laser printers (both color and black & white) for student use.

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These pages contain IT Services site license links to desktop applications. Some hardware drivers and Operating System upgrades links are provided directly from websites outside the Miami University domain. The applications represent Miami's core suite of supported software on campus. The hardware drivers and OS updates are also part of Miami's technology support environment.

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