How do I complete my Global Perspectives Requirement as an International Student?
Foundation III Designation Form for International Students

International (non-immigrant visa-carrying) students may complete the Global Miami Plan's Foundation III, Global Perspectives, through 6 hours of Miami Plan coursework. In order to qualify, courses must either be taken at Miami University or transferred in as Miami course equivalents from an institution outside your country of origin.
How Do I Get My Business Transfer Credit Approved?
FSB Petition to Validate Business Transfer Credit

Use this form to determine if a Miami equivalent for a course that will be taken or has been taken at another U.S. college/university, international transfer credit that is not study abroad (e.g. international student taking coursework in his/her home country), and study abroad courses. The course will be evaluated by the Lead Departmental Advisor or designee within 7-10 days. Students will be notified of the outcome via email.

Please see the FSB Transfer Credit page for more information. 

Non-business courses should be reviewed by the respective departments. Department Contact List.

How do I get Permission to take Excess Credit Hours?
Schedule Advising Appointment

Students should meet with an FSB Student Services Advisor, 1022 FSB, to request permission to take a course load in excess of 20 hours in Fall or Spring semester (lower limits are in effect for Summer and Winter terms). If approved, the advisor will notify the Office of the Registrar for processing.
How do I Petition to Modify Miami Plan Foundation Requirements? 
Petition to Modify Miami Plan Foundation Requirements

The Petition to Modify Miami Plan Foundation Requirements is used to request a substitution for a Foundation requirement.
How do I Create a Self-Designed Thematic Sequence?
Self-Designed Thematic Sequence Proposal

The Self-Designed Thematic Sequence Proposal is used to apply coursework in a specialized thematic sequence that you create with a faculty member.
How do I request an Exception for a University Requirement or Policy?
The Undergraduate Student Petition is used to request an exception to a departmental, divisional (FSB), or University regulation. Please meet with an Academic Advisor in 1022 FSB to discuss your petition and then complete the Undergraduate Student Petition Form.

Schedule Advising Appointment

Undergraduate Student Petition
How do I Withdraw from the University?
Withdrawal from the University

The Withdrawal from the University form is used to withdraw from all coursework for the semester or term. A student should consult with an Academic Advisor in 1022 FSB and an International Student and Scholar Services advisor (required for international students only) with any questions. A student who withdraws for the semester will need to re-enroll.
How do I Re-Enroll in the University?
Re-Enrollment Form

A student who withdraws for the semester will need to re-enroll.