Diversity Requirement

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 Victoria Masny talks to students during the first day of classes

* This course may satisfy one of the required courses for an approved thematic sequence. Check the Miami Bulletin at www.miamioh.edu/bulletin for more information. Students must declare a thematic sequence with the department.

Business Diversity Courses
Course Hrs Title Miami Plan Overlap- Students enrolled at Miami Summer 2015 or later
AAA 201 3 Intro to Asian/Asian American Studies IIB, IIC, GCRS, IP
AAA/ENG/WGS 351 3 Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asia/America IP
AMS 205 3 Introduction to American Cultures IIB, IP
AMS 207 3 America: Global and Intercultural Perspectives IIB, GCRS, IP, TS
AMS/FST/ITL 222 3 Italian American Culture IIB, IP
AMS/REL 241 4 Religions of the American Peoples TS*, IP
AMS 301 3 American Identities IP, TS
AMS 302 3 Immigrant America IP, TS
AMS/ENG 348 3 Ethnic American Literatures IP
AMS/HST/WGS 382 3 Women in American History TS*, IP
ARC 427
3 The American City Since 1940 TS*, IP
ART/AMS 183 3 Images of America IIA, IIB, IP
ATH 185 3 Cultural Diversity in the U.S. IIC, GCRS, IP
ATH/BWS/LAS/WGS 325 3 Identity, Race, Gender, Class IP
ATH 405 3 Food, Taste, and Desire IIC, IIIB
CRE 151 3 Introduction to Critical Race & Ethnic Studies IIB, IIC, TS*, IP
BWS/HST 221 3 African American History TS*, IP
BWS/KNH/SOC 279 3 African Americans in Sport IIC, IP
BWS/ENG 336 3 African American Writing, 1746-1877 IP
BWS/ENG 337 3 African American Writing, 1878-1945 IP
BWS/ENG 338 3 African American Writing, 1946-Present IP
BWS/SOC 348 3 Race and Ethnic Relations TS*, IP
BWS/HST 386 3 Race in U.S. Society IP
BWS/ENG/WGS 432 3 Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color IP
DST/EDP/SOC 272 3 Introduction to Disability Studies IIC, IP, TS
DST/EDL 315 3 Disability History in America IIB, IP
DST/EDP/SOC/WGS 375 3 (Dis)Ability Allies: To be or not to be? Developing Identify and Pride from Practice IP
DST/ENG/STC 494 or EDP 489 3 Disability in Global and Local Contexts IP
ECO 131 3 Economic Perspectives on Inequality in America IIC, IP
ECO 356 3 Poverty and Income Distribution IP, TS
EDL/WGS 369 3 Sexuality, Youth, Education
EDP 209 3 Development, Learning, and Diversity IP
ENG/DST 169 3 Disability and Literature IIB, IP
ENG 202 3 Varieties of English: Dialect Diversity and Language Change IIB, IP
ENG/WGS 232 3 Women Writers IP, TS
ENG/WGS 237 3 GLBTQ Literature
ENG/AMS 246 3 Native American Literature IP
ENG/AAA/AMS 248 3 Asian American Literature IIB, IP, GCRS
ENG/FST 249 3 Asian & Asian American Cinema IIB, IIIB, IP
ENG/FST/WGS 356 3 Women and Gender in Film IIB, IP
3 Queer Theory IP
ENG/BWS/WGS 437 3 Black Feminist Theory IP
FSW 206 4 Social Welfare: Impact on Diverse Groups IIC, IP
FSW/WGS 361 3 Couple Relationship: Diversity and Change IP
FST 282 3 Sexualities and Film IP
FST/IDS 206 3 Diversity and Culture in American Film IIB, IP
GEO 201 3 Geography of Urban Diversity IIC, TS*, IP
GEO/WGS 302 3 Geography and Gender IP
GEO/WGS 309 3 Native American Women IP, TS
3 Women, Gender, and the Environment TS*, IP
GEO 455 3 Race, Urban Change, and Conflict in America TS*, IP
GER 151 3 The German-American Experience IIB, IP
GTY/SOC 318 3 Sociology of Aging and the Life Course TS*, IP
HST/LAS 217 3 Modern Latin American History
HST/LAS 260 3 Latin America in the United States IIB, GCRS, IP
HST 372 3 Native American History since 1840 IP
IDS 159 3 Strength Through Cultural Diversity IIC, GCRS, IP
IDS 253 3 Voices of Discovery: Intergroup Dialogue
IDS 259 3 Intro to the Miami Tribe IIC, IP
KNH 276 3 Current Issues in Leisure and Sport IIC
KNH/WGS 475 3 Women, Gender Relations, and Sport IP
LAS/AMS 315 3 Latin American Diaspora: Communities, Conditions and Issues IP
MAC/WGS 461 (FSB students: register under WGS) 3 Gender, Sexuality and Media TS*, IP
MGT 402 3 Employment Law IP
MUS/AMS 285 3 Introduction to African American Music TS*, IP, IIA, IIB, GCRS
MUS/WGS 287 3 Enter the Diva: Women in Music IIA, IIB, IP
MUS 385 3 The Roots of Black Music: Blues, Gospel, and Soul TS*, IP
MUS/AMS 386 3 The History and Development of Hip Hop Culture in America TS*, IP
POL 142 4 American Politics and Diversity IIC, IP
POL/WGS 348 3 Gender Politics & Policy in the United States
PSY/AAA/BWS 210 3 Psychology Across Cultures IIC, GCRS, IP
REL/AAA/WGS 313 3 Marriage Across Cultures IP
SOC/SJS 165 3 Introduction to Social Justice Studies IIC, TS*, IP, GCRS
SOC/WGS 203 3 Sociology of Gender Roles TS*, IP
SOC/SJS 323 3 Social Justice and Change
SOC/BWS/FSW 362 3 Family Poverty IP
SOC 372 3 Social Stratification TS*, IP
SOC/GIC 421 3 Critical Race and Post-Colonial Studies IIIB, IP
SOC/SJS 487 3 Globalization, Social Justice, and Human Rights GCRS, TS*, IP
SPA/DST 312 3 Deaf Culture: Global, National, and Local Issues IIC, GCRS, IP
THE 393 3 Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Issues in Dramatic Literature TS*, IP
WGS 201 3 Introduction to Women’s Studies IIC, GCRS, TS*, IP
WGS 202 3 Introduction to GLBT Studies IIB, TS*, IP
WGS 301 3 Women and Difference: Intersections of Race, Class, and Sexuality TS*, IP
Miami Plan

IIA: Fine Arts
IIB: Humanities
IIC: Social Science
GCRS: Global Perspective
TS*: Thematic Sequence
Cul: Cultures
H: Historical
IP: Intercultural Perspectives