Arts Management

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Given the challenges for artists and arts and cultural organizations to survive in an increasingly competitive business environment, the need for educated managers is increasing. The practice of Arts Management is a synthesis of art, creativity, innovation, management, and entrepreneurship. The minor will prepare students to balance aesthetic understanding with specialized skills in generating income, managing boards, stimulating public access, and sustaining the mission and vision of organizations whose primary purpose is the delivery, presentation, and preservation of arts and culture. These skills are applicable to arts councils, museums, community art centers, galleries, orchestras, theatres, and creative enterprises. 

Minor Information

  • 18-19 credit hours, all of which must be taken at Miami University
  • Open to all majors
  • Satisfies the thematic sequence requirement for business and non-business majors
  • A minimum 2.00 GPA required
  • Visit the Miami Bulletin for more information

Minor Requirements


  • CCA 201
  • CCA 401

Select three credits of the following:

  • CCA 256
  • CCA 302 
  • CCA 303
  • CCA 304 
  • CCA 305 
  • CCA 306 
  • CCA 307
  • CCA 340

Choose one track:

General Business (select three of the following)

  • ACC 211 
  • ECO 201
  • ESP 101
  • ESP 201 
  • MGT 111 
  • MGT 291 
  • MKT 211 or MKT 291

Miami Prime Business Intensive (select all three)

  • BUS 301 
  • BUS 302 
  • BUS 303 

Entrepreneurship (select all four)

  • ESP 101
  • ESP 201 
  • ESP 251 
  • ESP 252 

Creative Arts (select nine credits)

  • Required for FSB Majors
  • See Bulletin for course options

Minor Advisor:

Mr. Todd Stuart


Created by FSB Advising, July 2020