Registration Override Requests

All FSB Course Adds will be completed through the Registration Override Request (ROR) system. View ROR instructions below and departmental notes for more information.


You must submit a ROR during your open time ticket. 

FSB Registration Override Request Timeline for Summer 

Requests will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis.

Contact your academic advisor with questions.

FSB Registration Override Request Timeline for Fall 

Please note that all times are in Eastern Time (ET)

Registration Override Requests will open for submissions for FSB courses when the student's time ticket is open

  • August FSB Registration Override Request (ROR) Dates for Fall 2023 courses:
    • Registration Override Request will open for submissions for FSB courses when the student's time ticket is open.
    • August 21st - 5PM: Requests are due
    • August 23rd - 5PM: Departments will make ROR decisions no later than this date and time.
    • August 24th - 5PM: If there are conflicts (e.g. time conflicts, excess hours, etc.), students must resolve them by this date and time to be added to the course

    * Any ROR submitted after 8/21/23 will be considered on a space-available basis.



Registration Override Requests

Students who were originally denied a Registration Override Request may contact the Department and request a reconsideration.

See Department Contacts for ROR Support.

How to Submit an ROR

The Farmer School of Business uses the Registration Override Request (ROR) application. Students will access ROR from the Course List for all FSB courses.

  1. Log in to the Course List (top right-hand corner of page) using your unique ID and myMiami password.
  2. Determine if the course is part of the ROR system, by selecting the ? following Registration Override Request Instructions (upper left corner).
  3. Search for the course you want to request to be added to.
  4. Select Submit Registration Override Request.
    • Rank the sections you are willing to accept (in order of preference). Note: It is encouraged to be flexible and accept other courses. This allows you the best chance of receiving an ROR.
    • Provide a reason for the request including your graduation month and year, when you completed the prerequisite course(s), extenuating circumstances, other courses requested, and additional information that may be helpful for the department to know about your request.
  5. Select Submit.
    • You will receive a confirmation email that the request was received.

For further assistance with ROR procedures, please see the ROR Student Guide and ROR FAQ

Your registration time ticket must be open to submit a Registration Override Request. Please note that ROR will override time conflicts. You must check your BannerWeb schedule for time conflicts and resolve them by dropping courses. If you are registering for more than 20 hours, excess hours must be pre-approved. Students are limited to 17 hours during the initial registration period.

To check the status of your request at any time, log in to the Course List and click Requests. Please be patient, do not call or email the department.

  • Until your request is reviewed and acted upon, it will remain in a pending status. You may edit or delete pending requests until the request submission deadline.
  • You will receive an email notification whenever actions are taken on your request (submission, editing, deletion, approval, or denial).

ROR Video Tutorial

Departmental Notes

All force add decisions are made by the departments via the force add process; individual faculty do not make force add decisions.

  • Accountancy: Students should not submit force add requests for section changes. 
  • Economics: Force adds will not be considered for any course in which there is an open section in that course that is compatible with the student's schedule unless there are verifiable extenuating circumstances.  The Economics Department will not consider force-add requests for section changes.
  • Entrepreneurship: Students MUST attend the first day of class in any course for which they are submitting a force add request. 
  • Finance & Business Legal Studies: Students should not submit force add requests for section changes. 
  • Information Systems & Analytics: Students should not submit force add requests for section changes.
  • Management: The Management Department does not process section changes; if you already have a section of a course, you can attempt to force add a different section, but you must drop the one you're in immediately after accepting a new section. If you do not drop the original section, you cannot be added to the new section.
  • Marketing: It is expected that requests from only the following students will be accommodated:
    • May 2023 degree candidates for whom a course is required;
    • Students needing courses for DECLARED minors;
    • Other students for whom marketing courses are required for their declared programs;
    • Section changes are only approved for compelling course conflicts.
  • CSE is not a business department; however, CSE 148 requests may also be submitted via the Registration Override Request (ROR) system. 

Department Contacts for ROR Support

Departments should only be contacted if you would like to be reconsidered for a Registration Override Request, or for questions regarding your specific request.

You should also work with your academic advisor to discuss any other options for courses.

Accountancy - Dr. Annie Farrell

Business - Mrs. Chanelle White

Computer Science & Engineering (CSE 148) - Mrs. Rebecca Cruez

Economics - Dr. Steve Elliott

Entrepreneurship - Dr. Jim Friedman

Finance / Business Law - Dr. Joel Harper

Information Systems and Business Analytics - Dr. Skip Benamati

Management - Dr. Xiaowen Huang

Marketing - Dr. Kathy Martin