Job and Internship Offer Policy

Offer Deadlines for FSB and Miami Students

In accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers, students are expected to have a reasonable amount of time to consider an offer. Therefore, employers recruiting at Miami University and with the Farmer School of Business are expected to adhere to the following dates for offers.

  • Converting Internships to full-time positions – Offers to remain open until October 15th.
  • FT or Internship offers during fall recruiting – Offer to remain open until Oct 31st or 3 weeks whichever is longer.
  • FT or Internship offers during spring recruiting – Offer to remain open until Feb 28 or 3 weeks whichever is longer.

Failure to follow these dates may result in a semester-long suspension of recruiting activities at Miami University.

Rescinded Job Offers

We consider a rescinded job offer should be a rare and uncommon occurrence. If you must rescind an offer, please contact the student and FSB Careers immediately so we can assist the student. We may ask for your cooperation in assisting the student in finding another opportunity. Employers who rescind offers may be subject to suspension from recruiting at the FSB and Miami for one semester or longer. Employers needing to rescind or defer employment should carefully review the guidelines and follow the NACE recommendations issued in 2002 in their Position Statement on Rescinded and Deferred Employment Offers.

Reneges by Students

Reneging by students on an internship or full-time position is against our FSB Job and Internship Acceptance Policy. We consider this a serious issue, so please contact us directly if this occurs.

Review further information concerning offers on National Association of Colleges and Employer.