Best Practices for Engaging Students Virtually

displays two users talking to each other virtually

We know that COVID-19 has forever changed the world. Career Services and the recruiting landscape is not exempt. Through many conversations with employers, companies, and recruiting professionals, it has become more evident that virtual recruitment/engagement is here to stay.

To help you navigate how to engage students through virtual recruiting, the FSB Career Services office has made a list of best practices for both employers, students, and staff.

  1. Use a platform that students have access to and familiarity with in order to enhance the virtual connections (i.e. WebEx, Zoom, Linkedin, Instagram Live, Handshake).

  2. Prepare a strategy for which platform is best used for the type of outreach and engagement you plan to have with students.

  3. Record session that could be useful for other audiences to view and use at another time (informational sessions that can be integrated into classrooms)

  4. Target student organizations, key faculty, and other constituents in efforts to integrate certain sessions in classes.

  5. Put your candidates at ease by sharing expectations, timelines, names of interviewers

  6. Practice a compelling (virtual-only) company culture pitch.

  7. Be every bit as professional — and personable — as you would be for an onsite interview. Bring energy to the virtual session.

  8. Follow up with a thank-you note, a request for feedback, and any next steps.

  9. Contact The Farmer School of Business Career Services with questions