Internship and Job Offer Policy

Students should have a reasonable amount of time to consider offers from employers. Therefore, employers recruiting at Miami University and with the Farmer School of Business are expected to adhere to the following dates for offers.

Offer Deadlines for FSB and Miami Students:

  • Converting Internships to full-time (FT) positions: Offers to remain open until October 15.
  • FT or Internship offers during fall recruiting: Offer to remain open until Oct 31 or three weeks, whichever is longer.
  • FT or Internship offers during spring recruiting: Offer to remain open until Feb 28 or three weeks, whichever is longer.

Please contact the FSB Career & Professional Development office if you receive an offer that does not adhere to the above dates. We will assist in ensuring you have an acceptable time to consider your offer.

Reneging on an Acceptance

Renege: go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract

Reneging is unethical, unprofessional and jeopardizes the reputation of fellow students, the University, and the Farmer School. Therefore, the Farmer School of Business prohibits any student from reneging on an accepted job/internship offer. To renege is to accept a new internship/job offer after already committing to a previous internship/job.

A student that accepts any offer shall withdraw from the hiring process for any other position. A student that fails to so withdraw, continues to solicit another position, or reneges on a previously accepted position, shall be denied future services from the Center for Career Exploration and Success and barred from future on-campus recruiting until such time that the Farmer School Dean, or his or her designee, in their discretion, removes such ban. A student that violates this policy shall also be referred to his or her departmental chair(s) for consideration of additional sanctions at the discretion of the department chair(s).

If you are uncertain as to whether you should accept an offer, please seek guidance from member of the Career Advisors staff or your Academic Adviser in advance of taking any action.

Rescinded Offers

Employers should not rescind internship or job offers made to students. Should this occur, please contact the FSB Career and Professional Development office so we can address the issue with the employer and assist you in next steps in your career.

General Miami University Guidelines

These recruitment rights and policies apply to Farmer School students. Visit the Miami University Center for Career Exploration and Success office for more information about the policies of Miami as a whole.