Howe Center for Business Writing


Founded in 1996 by Roger and Joyce Howe, the Howe Center for Business Writing (HCBW) is a collaborative learning space that provides writers the opportunities to explore, revise, develop, and reflect on their writing and themselves as writers.  We welcome writers from the Farmer School of Business and the larger Miami community, and we strive to foster equity in our work

The values shaping our mission are the recognition that:

  • Writing is powerful and has real effects in the world.
  • Writing is a process, and learning to write is a lifelong process.
  • Writing is multimodal and encompasses a variety of communicative activities, including print and digital genres, oral presentations, and data visualizations.
  • All writers have more to learn and benefit from conversation, consultation, and collaboration with others throughout their composing processes.
  • Every person brings linguistic, rhetorical, and cultural resources to their writing from their home language(s) and dialect(s), and we recognize that all English is English with an accent.

The HCBW offers one-on-one or group consultations. We assist students with a variety of projects, including academic writing, professional writing, oral presentations, resumes and cover letters, or scholarship, internship, and graduate school applications.

Faculty who would like feedback on writing assignments are encouraged to contact, Elizabeth Wardle (, Director Howe Center for Writing Excellence, or Mandy Olejnik (, Assistant Director Howe Writing Across the Curriculum, to take advantage of the many faculty development opportunities offered.