HCBW Alumni

The HCBW team continues to grow through the years and the center has a long history and here we recognize the HCBW alumni.

Undergraduate Student Consultants

Rena Andrews, Public Administration, 2016

Emily Baker, Accountancy, 2017

Sarah Baker, Marketing, 2017

Jessica Barga, Marketing, 2015

Liz Bender, Supply Chain and Operations Management, 2017

Austin Card, Finance, 2015

Terra Collier, (double major) Marketing & Cultural Anthropology, 2018

Danielle Cugliari, (double major) Accounting & Finance, 2014

Caroline Farina, Management and Leadership, 2015

Elizabeth Nicole George, Professional Writing, 2016

Leah Hamlin, Marketing, 2018

Bailey Hatch, Supply Chain and Logistics, 2017

Jenni Jenkins, Marketing, 2017

Lindsay Justice, Finance, 2015

Connor Keegan, (double major) Marketing & Finance, 2016

Carolyn Kryczka, Business Economics, 2017

David Layman, Accountancy, 2018

Cassie Lucki, Marketing, 2018

Jane Medoro, (double major) Literature & Professional Writing, 2017

Ryan McHenry, (double major) Information Systems and Analytics & Spanish, 2014

Ryan Moran, Supply Chain and Operations Management, 2017

Colin Murphy, Information Systems, 2018

Nitya Nambiar, Marketing, 2018

Jill O’Bryan, (double major) Business Economics & Sustainability, 2018

Stephen Spaeth, (double major) Finance & Business Analytics, 2017

Katrina Supeck, Business Economics, 2016

Sara-Kate Wiser, (double major) Marketing & Psychology, 2016

Amy Yang, Accountancy, 2016


Graduate Student Consultants

Graduate students in Rhetoric and Composition

Maryana Boatenreiter

Joe Franklin

Angela Glotfelter

Patrick Harris

Chulin Zhuang


Graduate Student Research Assistants

Han Han, Educational Leadership

Caroline Webb, Rhetoric and Composition


HWI Assistant Directors

Graduate Students in Rhetoric and Composition

Dominic Ashby

Cristy Beemer

Kathleen Coffey

Dustin Edwards

Renea Frey

Bridget Gelms

Amir Hassan

Cynthia Johnson

Kevin Rutherford

Jonathan Rylander

Lisa Shaver

Ann Updike

Ryan Vingum

Mandy Watts


HWI Directors

Theresa Evans, Visiting Assistant Professor, English, Acting, Spring 2016

Heidi McKee, Roger & Joyce Howe Professor of Written Communication; Associate Professor, Department of English, 2012-2018 (on leave Spring 2016)

Kate Ronald, Founding Director, Roger & Joyce Howe Professor of Written Communication; Professor, Department of English, 1996-2012.