The Society for Human Resource Management at Miami University welcomes all students, regardless of major, GPA, or class. There will be no discrimination based on any protected class characteristic in the activities, programs, and operations of the organization or the selection of members. Any member can participate in executive officer elections.

Executive Officer Elections

Positions are available for Chapter President as well as VP positions including recruitment, programming and education, finance, innovation, and community service. Officers will serve from the day of election until the day of graduation (seniors) or the next election (underclassmen).

Any member in good standing (has paid dues) can become an executive board member. Candidates will have the opportunity to address the chapter at the meeting of the elections before the official vote takes place. Officers will be chosen by a majority vote of the members with good status.


Absolutely no hazing will take place within SHRM or be tolerated by the members of the student chapter in accordance with University policies.