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About Intercultural Corner

Intercultural Corner is the official podcast of Global Initiatives at Miami University. Through interviews with faculty, students, and staff who learn by traveling the world and creating intentional global encounters, we'll explore all the ways that faculty and students can connect with the world.

Your Hosts

Dave McAvoy

Dave McAvoy holds a Dual Ph.D. in English Literature & Communication and Culture from Indiana University. He led a fairly protected and enclosed life until he signed up on a whim for a summer workshop in Berlin after his Freshman year of college, and then the entire world felt open to him. Spending an entire semester in London only deepened his love and appreciation for traveling and for England's literature and culture (especially Shakespeare, who formed the basis for his graduate studies). Dave has been privileged to explore a variety of locations in Western Europe and, most recently, in Costa Rica, which serves as a wonderful model for the environmental stakes of travel.

Jacinta Spinola

Jacinta Spinola is a second-year graduate student in the Student Affairs in Higher Education Master’s program. She graduated from Miami for her undergraduate degree in Secondary English Education and studied abroad while she was at Miami in both Ireland and India. She also taught internationally in China and Mexico. Education Abroad is her passion area but her true goal is to incorporate more diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts into study abroad efforts.

Her research interests include storytelling and counter narratives within activism as well as feminist folklore and feminist archetypes in fairytales. She also researches student identity development in multiracial students and identity that fits into a both/and category more than within binary systems.