A Statement in Support of International Students

Dear Miami Community,

Miami University joins others in our state and across the country to express our deep concern over recently announced plans by the Department of Homeland Security Student and Exchange Visitor Program to force international students to go home if they are not taking an in-person class at an American university this fall. We do not believe the new policy will affect Miami international students directly because we are expecting to provide a number of in-person classes as well as hybrid classes with in-person elements. Our staff in the office of Global Initiatives - International Student & Scholars Services are advising international students to help plan their curriculum for the fall and spring.

Our mission of preparing students for life and work in a diverse world and global economy depends on the presence and contributions of international students who bring fresh perspectives, insights, and engagement to our scholarship, learning, and research. They are integral to our campuses and to the future. We believe their desire to study here demonstrates the excellence of education in America.

Today all 14 Ohio public universities in the Inter-University Council (IUC) joined in a united statement to support our international students in Ohio. We also agree with the American Public and Land-grant Universities’ stand that the federal government should provide international students with the maximum flexibility they need to study this year at our nation’s universities.

We are conducting our reopening in August with great care, planning, and unwavering commitment to the health, safety, and welfare of all our students, faculty, and staff. To learn about our return please visit the Healthy Together website. We look forward to welcoming everyone home to our campuses. We will be launching our new International Student Center in MacMillan Hall where everyone can share their cultures, enjoy programming, plan programs for others, and engage with faculty, staff, and students from all countries and cultures.

For any of our international students that need further assistance, please contact the office of Global Initiatives, Dr. Cheryl Young at youngcd@miamioh.edu or call 513-529-8600.

Stay safe and healthy.

Love and Honor,

Gregory Crawford

Jason Osborne
Provost and Executive Vice President

Cheryl Young
Assistant Provost, Office of Global Initiatives