Board of Directors, 2019-2020

At our annual meeting on May 10, 2019, the membership confirmed the recommendations of the ILR Nominating Committee as follows:

Executive Committee


Mike Griffith (2nd term ends 2021)

Vice Chair



Marcia Waller (2nd term ends, 2020)


Richard Daniels (2nd term ends, 2020)

At-Large Members

John Barnhart  (1st term ends 2022)

Sara Butler (1st term ends 2020)

Carolyn Gard (1st term ends 2021)

Virginia Layton (2nd term ends 2020)

William Hardesty (1st term ends 2020)

Fred Martin (1st term ends 2020)

Lois Philips (2nd term ends 2020)

Chris Riesenberg  (finishing incomplete term ending 2021)

Patrick Sidley  (1st term ends 2022)

Ex Officio Members

Phyllis Cummins, Assistant Director of Research, Scripps Gerontology Center

Judy Macke, ILR Program Manager

Rod Nimtz, Director, Voice of America Learning Center

Cheryl D. Young, Assistant Provost, Global Initiatives