Board of Directors, 2020-2021

Due to COVID-19, our May 8, 2020 Annual Meeting was canceled. Therefore, elections for these new board members were held online.

Executive Committee


Ben Mattox (1st term ends 2023)

Vice Chair

Paul Allen (1st term ends 2023)


Sante Matteo (1st term ends 2023)


Pat Sidley (1st term ends 2022)

At-Large Members

John Barnhart  (1st term ends 2022)

Sarah Butler (2nd term ends 2023)

Carolyn Gard (1st term ends 2021)

Mike Griffith (2nd term ends 2021)

Don Hanson (1st term ends 2023)

William Hardesty (2nd term ends 2023)

Chris Riesenberg  (finishing incomplete term ending 2021)

Robin Seaver (1st term ends 2023)

Ex Officio Members

Abby Helsinger, Senior Research Associate, Scripps Foundation

Judy Macke, ILR Program Manager

Rod Nimtz, Director, Voice of America Learning Center

Cheryl D. Young, Assistant Provost, Global Initiatives