Monday Courses

Until we can safely meet in the classroom again, all spring 2021 classes will be held online. Registration opens on March 1st. Please join us then.

In the meantime, feel free to browse last semester's classes for a sampling of what we offer. Content will be updated for spring 2021 when registration opens on March 1st.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Health

Tai Chi and Qi Gong for health includes exercises and background information showing how Tai Chi improves balance, energy and coordination. Qi Gong breathing exercises improve stress, relaxation and sleep.

The class will include the following: warm up deep breathing exercises; Zen walking for balance; stretching exercises; and five Element Tai Chi Form (includes all of above). In addition, eight brocades with medicinal applications will be explained. Classes are supplemented by other online live lessons and recorded videos by Dr. Bobbert accessed through the website.

Instructors: Larry C. Bobbert, founder of Tai Chi Village, has 50 years of martial arts experience and has presented in 35 states and on four continents.

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2, 9:00–10:15am

Location: online

Three Months in Bethlehem: Israel, Palestine, and Life in the West Bank

Drawing on her experience as an international observer in the West Bank, the instructor will provide an overview of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the influence of American politics and policies in this troubled land, and everyday life in the West Bank, using readings, documentaries, and discussion.

Instructor: Susan Brogden served with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) from February through April 2018 and is a regional coordinator for Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP).

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2, 9:00–10:15am

Location: online

Everything You Wanted to Know About Computers and Cell Phones

What is a smart phone? What is cloud computing? Is there a difference between a tablet and a laptop? Can you explain WiFi and cell connection? Kindle vs iPad? What is Bluetooth?

Instructor: Kevin Rinn is Director of IT at Lighthouse Youth and Family Services.

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2; 9:00 am–10:15 am

Location: online

Miami’s Art Museum Up Close

Your insider’s guide to new exhibitions and upcoming programs at the Miami University Art Museum. Each session will explore topics and objects of special interest associated with the current installations.

October 5Introduction and PosadaJason Shaiman, Curator of Exhibitions, Miami University Art Museum

October 12Chasing Light/Lighting Things UpJason Shaiman

October 19Communicating Tourism Following DevastationJason Shaiman

October 26Nineteenth-Century PaintingLaura Stewart, Collections Manager/Registrar, Miami University Art Museum

November 2Global PerspectivesJason Shaiman

Coordinator: Robert Wicks is Professor and Director, Miami University Art Museum.

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2; 10:45 am–12:00 pm

Location: online

Conrad Richter’s The Waters of Kronos

Imagine that you could go back in time to when you were a child, walk the streets of your hometown, and interact with your family and neighbors. In The Waters of Kronos, John Donner does just that. Let’s talk about Conrad Richter’s novel which won the National Book Award for Fiction in 1961. We will explore the multiple contexts relevant to a reading of the novel, including the rise of hydroelectric power in the United States and “drowned towns” as well as how Richter’s character John Donner bears many similarities with Richter.

Class text: Conrad Richter, The Waters of Kronos, ISBN: 10:027102240X, ISBN: 13:978-0271022406

Instructor: Marianne Cotugno, Professor of English, has published articles on Conrad Richter.

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2; 10:45am –12:00 pm

Location: online

Dress and Culture Around the World

Dress is often defined as all supplements to, and modifications of, the body. We will examine how body modifications and supplements are reflections of the unique characteristics of various cultures. The colorful clothing and adornments of the Maasai tribe, the use of hijab by Muslim women, and the 19th century Chinese practice of foot-binding are just a few of the topics we will explore. Slides, videos, and artifacts will highlight our discussions.

Instructors: Sara Butler, Professor Emerita of Art, taught the History of Costume and Global Dress.

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2; 10:45 am –12:00 pm
Location: online

Midday Lecture Series

Each Monday the Midday Lecture Series presents a speaker who will discuss a topic of interest and importance. Makes plans to enjoy this ILR tradition.

October 5COVID, Constitution, and Criminal Justice - Daniel Hall, Professor of Justice and Community Studies and Political Science

October 12Let Women Vote: Butler County’s Fight for Suffrage - Sara Butler and Mary Royer, Butler County Historical Society Suffrage Exhibit Committee members

October 19Indoor AgricultureLiz Warren Novick, Brand Coordinator and Marketing Support, 80 Acres Farms

October 26Commedia dell’Arte to Opera BuffaPatrizio Martinelli, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Interior Design

November 2The Life of LincolnStanley Wernz, a member of The Association of Lincoln Presenters and its President since 2005

Coordinators: Sara Butler, Professor Emerita of Art, is vice-chair of the ILR Curriculum Committee. William J. Gracie, Jr., Professor Emeritus of English and former Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, is chair of the ILR Curriculum Committee.

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2; 12:30 –1:45 pm
Location: online

The 2020 Presidential and Congressional Election

Five speakers, representing three academic disciplines, will discuss the 2020 Presidential and Congressional campaigns from their disciplinary perspectives. The course begins at the height of the fall campaign and ends on Election Eve 2020 itself.

October 5 And they're off! A Quick Primer to the 2020 Presidential ElectionPatrick Haney is Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean, College of Arts and Science.

October 12How 1968 is Still Shaping Presidential ElectionsRyan Barilleaux is Professor of Political Science and Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

October 19What if . . . ? Presidential Campaign Rhetoric in the Age of Subjective TruthCarolyn Hardin is Assistant Professor, Department of Media, Journalism & Film and Global & Intercultural Studies.

October 26Change and Continuity in the 2020 Congressional ElectionBryan Marshall is Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science.

November 2The Electoral MapJames Rubenstein is Professor Emeritus of Geography..

Coordinators: William J. Gracie, Jr., Professor Emeritus of English and former Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies/Western College Program, is chair of the ILR Curriculum Committee.

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2; 2:15 –3:30 pm

Location: online

Stakeholder Involvement in Energy Development

Energy consumers want to know how energy development projects will impact their homes and neighborhoods. Course participants will explore how to engage with utilities, energy service providers, regulators, local governments, and community organizations in order to determine how energy development projects should provide consumer benefits as well as long-term quality of life development for their community.

Instructor: Dale Arnold is Director of Energy, Utility and Local Government Policy for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. He has over 25 years of experience on legislative and regulatory case work, as well as managing education, community outreach, and technical assistance projects addressing energy generation, transmission, and distribution issues.

5 Mondays: October 5–November 2, 2:15–3:30 pm

Location: online