Propose a Non-Credit Program

Steps in submitting a proposal are as easy as:

  1. Request a proposal
  2. Complete and submit your proposal
  3. Continuing Education will review your submitted proposal, will work with you to address any questions/concerns, and then will route for approvals.
    1. Approval #1 Assistant Provost Global Initiatives
    2. Approval #2 Department chair or director
    3. Approval #3 Divisional dean, if necessary

Proposal Submission Deadlines

Non-travel Programs

Proposal are to be submitted and approved at least six weeks prior to program start date. Program promotion should not proceed until the program is approved. Typically, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks for a new proposal to get through the approval process.

Travel Programs

Proposal are to be submitted at least one semester prior to the term the program is being offered.

All non-credit programs traveling in overnight status will be set up in Miami University’s application portal for risk management.