Sixty Plus Program: Auditing Classes at Miami

Ohio law provides an opportunity for persons sixty years of age or older who have resided in Ohio for at least one year to attend classes without paying tuition or admission fees, provided the attendance is on an audit basis, is in courses where classroom space is available, and is approved by the instructor. Fees such as lab fees and books are the responsibility of the student.

Restrictions: Workshop courses are not available for auditing. Some graduate level courses have program course restrictions that may apply.

The Continuing Education office processes registration requests for any course offered on the Oxford campus. See information below for the process to register on the Regional Campuses.

To request registration please fill out the Sixty Plus Registration request and select which campus you'd like to take classes.

  1. Select Your Course
    1. Visit Miami's Courselist where you will find what is being offered each term.
    2. Select the TERM you want to participate, select CAMPUS, and select SUBJECT if you are looking for a certain topic. You also have the option to select alternative delivery types, such as online or hybrid if desired. Then, click FIND.
    3. Peruse the results to find the course you are interested in. Under the course subject, click Show Details, which will provide the meeting times and dates, credit hours, course registration number (CRN), and course instructor.
  2. Request Permission
    1. Contact the instructor for permission to participate in the course as a Sixty Plus audit student. You can look up the instructor’s contact information by entering their name in the Search box on the Miami University home page or visit
    2. If the course lists Staff instead of a name, contact the specific department to find out who to contact to request permission to take the course for Sixty Plus audit.
  3. Complete the Sixty Plus Registration request.

After you submit your request, allow 2-3 business days for us to process your request. If you are new to the program, you will receive an email with details on how to log in to your Miami account.

Matriculating Miami students are given priority registration. Once priority registration is over for a term, we will proceed with registering audit students.