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Jessica smiles at the camera as she stands in a grassy field in South Africa. An open vehicle with seating on top is visible in the background.

Jessica Fodor

Class of 2023 | Major: Social Work | Hometown: South Euclid, OH

I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in the spring semester of 2022. From a young age, I have always had a passion for travel and seeing the world. Therefore, I knew I would take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad in college, and I am so grateful I did. Cape Town has always been a destination that excited me and I felt as though it would be a perfect fit for me. The program provider I ended up going through (CIEE) was so helpful. I traveled alone to South Africa but thanks to the program, I was able to connect with individuals from universities all over and form friendships of a lifetime. I loved being able to study the city I was living in, as it made navigating my new home much easier. In addition, the program offered a Service Learning opportunity, where I worked with a non-profit in Cape Town. I helped with the organization's goals and objectives, all while learning from their mission and speaking to the individuals that make it happen. As a social work major, this was very important to me and helped me develop academically and socially. Overall, my time studying abroad was life changing and made me grow as person. Traveling alone is not easy but I learned that I can do it and that I have help around me to make me feel as comfortable and safe during my time abroad.

Ellie smiles at the camera as she stands in an outdoor setting in Spain. A body of water and rolling hills are visible in the background

Ellie Kornreich

Class of 2024 | Major: Chemical Engineering | Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain through the UVA in Valencia Engineering program in the Spring of 2022. I knew coming into college that I wanted to study abroad, but that can be difficult as an engineering major, so I was glad that the Miami study abroad office was there to talk me through the options that I had. I love traveling and since I have a Spanish minor, I found it really cool that I was able to go to a Spanish speaking country. I hadn't been to Europe before, so I was very excited to get to go. I learned a lot about what it was like to be an engineer in Spain since I took classes at the local polytechnic university. I enjoyed being able to take both engineering and Spanish classes abroad because it combined the two things I was working toward. I loved living with a host family because I was able to improve my Spanish speaking and listening skills greatly, and learn about Valencia from someone who lived there. I was also able to travel to other countries on the weekends and during breaks, and I was able to visit Italy, France, England, Belgium, and more. In the future, I definitely want to go back and visit Valencia. Studying abroad was an amazing experience, and I would love to encourage other STEM students to do the same!

Katherine sits on a stone wall. Behind her is the city of Valencia, including picturesque castle

Katherine Mitchell

Class of 2023 | Majors: International Studies and Spanish | Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

I studied abroad in the Spring of 2022 through the University of Virginia program in Valencia, Spain. Given that both of my majors require a study abroad experience to graduate, studying abroad has always been a part of my plan. Even if it weren't a requirement, I would have studied abroad anyway because I love to travel and experience new cultures. Even with the pandemic restricting some travel opportunities, I took every chance I had to hop on a train and visit cities all over Spain. A highlight of my time abroad was experiencing the Fallas festival in Valencia. This was the first year since the beginning of the pandemic that the city was able to celebrate it so everyone went all out on the festivities. I met people who came from all over the world to celebrate Fallas and learned so much about the culture and history of the city in just that one week. My study abroad experiences left a significant impact on me, and I learned so much about myself. It helped me become a more flexible and independent person. Being abroad alone in the midst of an unpredictable pandemic forces you to confront rapidly changing rules and restrictions all while navigating a new culture and environment. That being said, I wouldn't trade my experience for the world and I can't wait to study abroad again!

Colton stands outdoors in Kyrgyzstan, with snow-capped mountains visible in the background

Colton Powaski

Class of 2023 | Majors: International Studies and Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies | Hometown: Oswego, IL

In the spring semester of 2022, I studied abroad in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan through the SRAS Central Asian Studies Program. Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia that is south of Russia and borders China to its east. The country was part of the USSR and retains a unique mix of nomadic, Islamic, and Russian culture. My main motivation for studying abroad was to improve my Russian language skills. While in Bishkek, I lived in a home-stay with a Kyrgyz family and spoke exclusively Russian and a little bit of Kyrgyz, as very few people in the country can understand English. This made communication difficult at times, but allowed me to drastically improve my understanding of the language and Kyrgyz culture. During my time abroad, I was also able to travel to neighboring Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where I marveled at the unique mix of Islamic and Soviet architecture. In Kyrgyzstan, I hiked and rode horses through the mountains, shopped at bazaars, watched many soccer matches, explored the country's Soviet past, and formed close friendships that will last the rest of my life. However, my trip was not without challenges. The Russian invasion of Ukraine heightened tensions in the region, and, being an American, I was often forced to navigate uncomfortable political discussions. Nonetheless, my time in Kyrgyzstan was the most memorable experience of my life, and has inspired me to live abroad after I graduate.

I feel that I have the experience to help advise students who are looking to study abroad to improve language skills, are interested in living in home-stays, and/or are interested in studying abroad in countries outside of Western Europe.

Emily smiles at the camera. Mountains are visible in the background

Emily Schafer

Class of 2023 | Majors: International Studies and Human Capital Management & Leadership | Hometown: Portland, CT

In Spring 2022 I studied abroad in Seville, Spain through the program with CEA. I had been learning Spanish since the 7th grade, so I really wanted to study in a Spanish-speaking country to work on my conversational skills. Additionally, I am working toward two majors in International Studies and Human Capital Management & Leadership, so I eventually want to work in international business, making study abroad even more useful to me. During the four months of my experience, I gained a lot of confidence speaking with native Spanish speakers, even if I didn’t become fluent. I also was able to be more confident in social settings in general, since study abroad is all about meeting new people and making connections. A highlight for me was my international internship, where I got to learn about the tech industry in Spain and meet some really interesting Sevillians, whom I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t choose to do an internship. I was a little worried the internship was going to prevent me from traveling, but I was still able to travel almost every weekend, and to three other countries, as well as almost every corner of Spain.

If you have questions, I would love to chat about Spain or western Europe in general. I would also be happy to talk about study abroad internships and how to navigate them while also traveling and getting the most out of your experience.

Samantha, wearing sunglasses, poses on a walkway. Distant mountains or hills and the buildings of the city of Florence are visible in the background

Samantha Siegle

Class of 2023 | Major: Marketing | Hometown: Portland, CT

During the spring semester of 2022, I was lucky enough to study abroad in Florence, Italy with the co-sponsored program through SAI. We were able to take a variety of classes at FUA, The Florence University of the Arts. I took classes like food & wine pairing, health & fitness in the Mediterranean and international marketing. Living in Italy and traveling throughout Europe enhanced my perspective on different cultures, taught me how to truly take care of all of my needs and immersed myself into many new cultural experiences. I learned how to adapt in countries where I did not speak the language, had ever tried the food and in some cases, was not sure how to get from one place to the next. My first weekend trip to Milan was a learning experience. It was my first time traveling within Europe and I was not sure what to expect. Trains, hotels, sightseeing, etc. in a part of Italy I knew nothing about. Needless to say after each trip, I learned how to become a better traveler! Some of my favorite places were Prague, Cinque Terre, and Barcelona. Take advantage of any/all opportunities to travel but also appreciate the place you will be calling home for the next several months.

Going abroad can be scary, intimating, and exciting all at the same time. My biggest piece of advice: enjoy every single second. Soak it all in. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hannah sits on a low concrete wall. The Eiffel Tower is visible in the background

Hannah Sroka

Class of 2023 | Majors: Professional Writing & Creative Writing, Global Readiness Certificate | Hometown: Portland, CT

I've been lucky enough to study abroad twice—once in Luxembourg for spring and summer 2021, and again in London for summer 2022. I knew that MUDEC was the program for me because I wanted to be abroad for at least an entire semester, if not longer. While in Luxembourg, I worked as a junior editor for the MUDEC newsletter, and spent my weekends visiting other countries like Belgium, Italy, and Sweden. After the semester ended, I wasn't quite ready to leave Europe, so I stayed in Luxembourg for six more weeks working two internships. I studied abroad again the next summer, spending six weeks in London through the Literary London program. My classes focused on Shakespeare and Black British science fiction, and I also interned at a small charity. I was able to explore a bit more of Europe, visit the Globe theater, and live like a Londoner for a few weeks. Both of my study abroad experiences were life-changing, and I am so grateful I had these opportunities. I would be able to advise students on finding the right program, what living abroad is like, or anything related to MUDEC or Lit London.

Head tilted, Annaliese poses at sunset in front of a body of water

Anneliese Uschold

Class of 2024 | Major: Marketing | Hometown: Troy, OH

I studied abroad in Luxembourg during the Spring semester of 2022. I’ve always had a love for travel and drive to seek adventure. The MUDEC program allowed me to explore these passions, continue to work towards my professional and academic career, while also staying on budget. After classes at the chateau during the week, I interned at City Savvy, in an amazing creative hub down the street. I not only gained valuable marketing skills, but met incredible mentors and friends. On the weekends, I traveled to over 10 different countries across Europe from castles in Ireland, to the beaches of Malta. One of my favorite memories comes from Croatia, where me and my friends had a picnic while listening to a local play his guitar on the rocks near the sea. In short, I can only describe these experiences as incredible memories. But they also had a significant impact on my flexibility in thought, confidence in new situations, and overall curiosity. I have found that a major source of magic comes from the times when I have delved into the different cultures, met locals and fostered new friendships. If you have any questions in regards to Luxembourg and Europe, travel tips, interning, or anything in between feel free to contact me!

Sophie smiles as she stands beneath the Eiffel Tower

Sophie Weyn

Class of 2024 | Major: International Studies | Hometown: Troy, OH

I studied abroad in Lille, France this past Spring through a third-party provider and partner of Miami University. I participated in a culturally and linguistically immersive program where I attended a French university and took classes in international economics, social operations, and of course: French! I was so eager to travel around Europe during my semester away, and I truly felt so lucky to be able to have done just that; with Lille being such a central location to the rest of Western Europe, I was able to travel to amazing countries such as Portugal, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, The Czech Republic, and more. A highlight of my experience was connecting with some friends from my hometown that were also spending semesters away (across different cities around Europe), and we all met up for St. Patrick's Day in Dublin! I faced some difficulties while abroad that were primarily related to the onboarding process. Not only do I feel like I could advise students on this particular topic, but I can confidently say that I've grown as a person in my abilities to deal with adversity and challenges because of how independent I was abroad.