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The purpose of the Study Abroad Ambassador program is to increase the visibility of study abroad opportunities to the Miami University community. Ambassadors will assist study abroad staff with marketing and outreach by:

  • Attending recruitment events such as International Education Week, admissions events, classroom visits, fairs
  • Organizing Greek life, residence hall and student organization presentations
  • Developing print, online, and social media marketing materials.

If you have a strong interest in promoting and marketing Miami study abroad and Luxembourg programs, we welcome you to apply for open paid positions!

Applications are closed for 2021-2022.

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Other Opportunities

No two study abroad experiences are the same, and a mentor can help to answer questions and provide insights. Education Abroad mentors share stories, offer student perspectives of international travel, and discuss goals and concerns. Whether you'd like to request a mentor or serve as a mentor yourself, we invite you to check it out!

Learn More: Education Abroad Mentors

Meagan poses on a sign that reads I heart Gamicheon, with city in background

Meagan Holloway-Ragland

Class of 2021 | Major: International Studies & Journalism, Pre-Law Studies | Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH

I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea at Korea University through a direct exchange program. Studying abroad is a part of the International Studies program and we are required to obtain language proficiency. I had been studying Korean for a few years prior so it just made perfect sense for me to go to Korea. I took classes in my major as well as an intensive Korean language course. It’s such a beautiful country with a rich culture, fascinating history, and amazing food. My favorite thing to do was go to Han River with friends, sit down, and have a little picnic. My second favorite thing to do was visit different themed cafes, of which there are plenty! This was my first time traveling outside of the country and in the six months that I was there, I grew as a person. I became more independent and able to navigate life on my own. I learned how to handle tough problems and adapt to evolving situations. I was able to interact with and learn from people who come from different backgrounds. It was definitely an experience that changed my life and changed the way that I look at the world. Ever since then, the world seems so much bigger and I know now more than ever that the opportunities are endless.

Gracie sits with outstretched legs against a stone wall, with countryside in background

Gracie Limauro

Class of 2021 | Major: English Literature & Pre-Medical Studies Co-Major | Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

I studied abroad at the MUDEC program in Luxembourg in the Fall of 2020. Other students raved about this program, and the Miami-based curriculum fit so easily with my schedule that I knew I had to go, even with all the uncertainty of COVID. The MUDEC staff worked insanely hard so that me and 21 other students could go for a full semester in the middle of the pandemic. It was a life changing experience, so much so that I wanted to become a study abroad ambassador to urge as many people as I can to study abroad in some capacity. I was introduced to incredible opportunities abroad and worked as an intern and writer for CitySavvy, a website for expats in Lux. It reignited my love for writing and helped me score an internship the summer after I got back. I lived with a host family from Cape Verde, and their welcoming and generous spirit (plus the fact that they spoke over five languages!) considerably elevated my experience. Luxembourg is the perfect hub for travel in western Europe, and its sublime location allowed me to travel to 9 countries, mostly by train. I surfed in Portugal, paraglided in Austria, and kayaked in Sweden. And those are only a few of the incredible memories I made. I knew no one going into the program, and came out with life-long friendships. I flourished into a more empathetic and independent person from my time abroad, and I realized how big and exciting the world truly is, changing my perspective for what I want to do with my life and career.

Arianna is dressed in a bright yellow coat and stretches out her arms against a stone structure in Belize

Arianna Mack

Class of 2022 | Majors: Public Health, Minors in Global Health Studies & Medical Humanities, Global Readiness Certificate | Hometown: South Euclid, OH

Over J-Term 2020, I studied abroad in Belize through Miami University and International Service Learning (ISL) where we held free clinics in four local communities including St. Margaret, Armenia, Camalote, and Cotton Tree. I really wanted to work in a Latin American country and I wanted hands-on experiences in global health practices, and this trip seemed like the perfect blend of those desires. During our clinics, we interacted with about 300 patients where we not only collected their medical histories and vitals, but worked alongside three local doctors that treated each patient with care. We were able to learn from these professionals personally as they came up with a diagnosis and were even able to help run a pharmacy that all of their prescriptions were sent to in the clinics. Also, part of our time in Belize included hosting a health fair and visiting a classroom where we taught children the importance of hand washing and brushing their teeth, and teaching adults the importance of monitoring their blood pressures and the risks of diabetes. Lastly, we visited the Xunantunich Mayan ruins, went cave tubing through their historic and unique cave systems, and went zip-lining right outside of Belmopan. I am incredibly grateful for this life-changing opportunity and invaluable educational experience that will help shape my future professional pursuits.

Mason poses on steps in Europe

Mason Neurath

Class of 2023 | Major: Finance | Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

I studied abroad through the MUDEC program in Luxembourg during the Spring 2021 semester. I’ve always had a love for travel ever since I was a kid, and after I applied to Miami and learned about all the abroad programs the school had to offer, I knew I wanted to attend the MUDEC program. As a finance major, working in one of the major finance capitals of the world, was also a big goal of mine while preparing for this semester abroad. The internship department for MUDEC helped me to achieve this goal of mine as I interned with popular eTrader Marcin Jasinski. This experience helped me solidify my passion for the field of finance and helped me to understand what I want to do for work later in life, something I find to be almost priceless. Furthermore, I was able to take courses to help me complete requirements for Miami while also becoming fascinated by the topics I was learning, which paired with my fellow students that accompanied me on the trip, made the experience that much more memorable. Besides some life long friendships, I was also able to experience the cultures and lifestyles of nine different countries, experiencing architecture, sights, activities, and people that have helped me to develop a global perspective that I believe few people get the chance to experience in their lives. I owe who I have grown to become to my study abroad experience and I am grateful for the opportunity and the people I met that helped me to achieve these goals and aspirations.

Angel poses on a rocky hill in Europe with water in background

Angel Schlotterback

Class of 2023 | Major: Human Capital Management and Leadership | Hometown: Oswego, IL

I studied abroad in Spring 2021 through the MUDEC program in Luxembourg. Studying abroad had been something that I dreamed about doing since I first discovered you could do it. Traveling has always been an important part of my life, and I thought it was amazing how I could do that, while also taking classes or doing an internship. I knew from day one coming on campus that I would find a way to fit it into my schedule. What’s great about the Luxembourg program is that you get the opportunity to explore not only Luxembourg, but many other European countries. Even during a global pandemic, I was able to travel to 10 different countries including Poland, Malta, and Spain. We also had the unique opportunity to do our study tour as a whole MUDEC group where we got to explore Croatia and learn about it in relation to our study tour class. My class was about the Cold War, so in Croatia we took a boat ride to a prison island and got to hear from a man who at one point was imprisoned himself on it. One of the biggest impacts study abroad left on me was learning how to adapt. Especially with COVID, it was hard to plan ahead, but despite that I was still able to see all these beautiful places and meet some amazing people. I also know that I will be back in Europe at some point, whether that be for work or vacation, and I can’t wait until I can stop by the Château again and say hello!

Hannah poses on a balcony in Europe

Hannah Sroka

Class of 2023 | Majors: Professional Writing & Creative Writing, Global Readiness Certificate | Hometown: Portland, CT

I studied abroad in Luxembourg during spring and summer 2021. I knew MUDEC was the program for me because I wanted to be abroad for a full semester (or longer!), preferably in Europe. While in Luxembourg, I worked as a junior editor for the MUDEC newsletter, which involved writing about my own and my peers’ experiences. During our three-day weekends, we’d hop on a quick train (or plane) to places like Italy, Belgium, and Sweden. A highlight of my semester was our study tour, a week-long trip to Croatia where we learned about its history and culture. After the semester ended, I wasn’t quite ready to leave Luxembourg, so I stayed an extra seven weeks for two internships. These internships involved writing blog posts for a music teacher, articles about the best things to do in Luxembourg for a travel website, and articles about female empowerment in Luxembourg for a local magazine. I was able to make great connections and explore new countries like Portugal and Austria. I was also able to eat indoors in Luxembourg, which wasn’t possible during the spring semester! My study abroad was life-changing and I’m so grateful I was able to experience it. It helped me grow both personally and professionally, and I’m already counting down the days until I can go abroad again!

Michael poses near gardens and buildings in Europe

Michael Whidden

Class of 2023 | Majors: Political Science and Economics | Hometown: Troy, OH

In the Spring of 2021, I studied abroad in Luxembourg as a part of the Miami University Dolibois Education Center (MUDEC) for the semester. I chose this program because it matched Miami tuition costs and would provide the best opportunity to travel to as many places as possible while I was there. In total, I was fortunate enough to visit 11 countries, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Sweden, and many more. Some highlights from my experience were hiking the Swiss Alps, renting a boat in Greece, and visiting multiple Croatian national parks. I was able to volunteer at an international school once a week throughout the semester, which allowed me to engage with the local community that would have otherwise been very difficult during the COVID-19 crisis. My time abroad left a dramatic impact on my life. Learning how to be adaptable in situations where everything does not go as planned is a skill that I will carry with me the rest of my life. There is also a strong sense of independence that comes with studying abroad. Realizing that I am more capable of being responsible and safe during a tumultuous time is something that I will be forever grateful for as well. I encourage everyone to embrace the adventure and uncertainty of study abroad because you will more than likely discover something new and wonderful about yourself along the way (and some pretty amazing locations too)!