Kevin Fitzgerald

Study Abroad Advisor
Transfer Credit Programs

Education Background

  • Master of International Affairs: Latin American Studies, Ohio University
  • Currently 3rd year of PhD in Educational Leadership, Miami University
  • BA-Honors: Philosophy, Politics, and the Public, Xavier University

Travel Background

My first international experience was in Managua, Nicaragua. In the Spring of 2004, I studied abroad for the whole semester with 9 other students. It was here that I fell in love with Latin America and have pursued extensive travel in Central America since. In 2006 I left for a year of volunteer work in Talanga, Honduras. Since then I have worked in El Salvador, Nicaragua and have visited Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica Peru and Chile. I also have extensive travel experience throughout Europe, while being in Rome for 5 weeks.

My favorite locations are in Latin America where the insights in the people, history and the politics intrigue me so. The city of Cusco, Peru and the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua are my favorite locations.

Travel Tip

Learn as much as you can about the location you are going to in order to have a more intellectual experience. You will gain interesting insights into the culture and the people of a given location. Enriching the experience even more is knowledge of the experience. With language skills you can meet more locals, barter for souvenirs and feel more comfortable in everyday interactions.