Alex Hazleton

Global Programs Coordinator

Education Background

  • Master of Arts, International Education, SIT Graduate Institute
  • Bachelor of Arts, International Studies, Southern Methodist University

Travel Background

My love of traveling started early. I had the opportunity to live abroad with my family several times even before graduating high school! I lived abroad in England, Northern Ireland, and Australia. These experiences were immersive and helped foster an appreciation for other cultures that only continued to grow as I grew older.

Prior to starting my undergrad studies I took a gap year to spend a year in Norway as an exchange student. While in Norway I lived with a host family and went to school (all in Norwegian!). This was an exciting challenge of living abroad without my family and I found that I grew in my independence and went to university more prepared.

While at undergrad I couldn’t NOT study abroad again and did so twice! Once with Miami on a summer faculty directed program to Italy and then on a semester-long program with DIS to Copenhagen. Studying abroad has been such a wonderful part of my life, I can’t wait to help Miami students partake in this experience!

Travel Tip

Don’t overplan every detail of your time abroad! While it may be tempting to book everything early, you won’t then be able to take advantage of the cool local places that you find out about once you have spent time in your destination. These small towns and less “popular” destinations are not to be overlooked!