Dave McAvoy

Global Learning Coordinator

Education Background

  • Dual-Ph.D. English Literature and Communication and Culture, Indiana University
  • B.A. English and History, University of South Florida

Travel Background

I led a fairly protected and enclosed life until I signed up on a whim for a summer workshop in Berlin after my Freshman year of college, and then the entire world felt open to me. Spending an entire semester in London only deepened my love and appreciation for traveling and for England's literature and culture (especially Shakespeare, who formed the basis for my graduate studies). I've been privileged to explore a variety of locations in Western Europe and, most recently, in Costa Rica, which serves as a wonderful model for the environmental stakes of travel.

My favorite place in the world is Venice, where everyone is greeted with incandescent beauty around every narrow corner.

Travel Tip

Find joy in the weird. That is, embrace the different and strange, but also anything that is "wayward" and takes you away from the path you expected to take. You didn't travel this far only to experience things that you know you already know and love, so it's important to seek things out of your comfort zone that allow you to have the experience you were hoping for in the first place. Not only will these weird adventures help you learn more about the culture and yourself, but they'll be the experiences you look back on most fondly years later!