Kimberly Miller

Assistant Director
MUDEC Luxembourg

Education Background

  • Master's in History, Wright State University
  • Master's in Education and Secondary (7-12) Social Studies Education Licensure, Xavier University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and History, Miami University

Travel Background

The travel bug bit me at an early age. My parents gave me great influence in our family trips and I loved the planning and dreaming of far off destinations. As a child I was able to explore most of the U.S. and some spots in the Caribbean and Europe.

My extensive travel did not fully begin, however, until I went to Luxembourg with Miami's MUDEC program. During that time I visited nearly every country in Europe and set my eyes to other regions, as well, by making silly challenges for myself. I hit all 50 states by the age of 21, and (COVID-permitting) I will be scheduled to visit all 7 continents by the end of 2022. My semester in MUDEC combined with subsequent trips means I have visited 71 countries and 7 continents covering nearly 30% of the globe!

Travel Tip

I have two big travel tips. The first is to plan, but be open to spontaneity! I find that planning the trip is almost as fun as going on it. Doing your homework before you go will make you feel more calm, less anxious, and increasingly educated about your destination. It can be frustrating to leave a place and realize you missed sites or experiences that you simply didn't know about. Once you're equipped with all of the knowledge, you can tackle any adventure that is put in front of you, so be open to the possibilities of new plans or opportunities that didn't make your initial itinerary. These often turn out to be the best memories that will last a lifetime.

The second is to just go! Life is too short and you may always have roadblocks that seem like an obstacle to traveling. If you're committed to going, you can make it happen despite budget and limitations. You'll remember that trip far longer than you'll remember the new couch you bought.