Sam Wood

Education Abroad Advisor

Education Background

  • Master of Education in Student Affairs in Higher Education - International Education, Wright State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in History, Wright State University

Travel Background

I stumbled upon an opportunity to study abroad in my junior year of college in Luneburg, Germany. This experience was my first time out of the tri-state area and my first time on an airplane! Everything about my time abroad was magical - the food, the people, the history, and the ability to see several other countries on weekend trips were incredible experiences that instilled within me a desire to see the world. I got the opportunity in my graduate program to intern abroad twice at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK, which allowed me to see Study Abroad from the UK's perspective. Combining my college travel with my personal travel experiences, I have been fortunate enough to see 10 countries so far! I look forward to a lifetime of traveling to see new things and experience new cultures. A few of my favorite destinations (so far) have been Barcelona, Spain and Florence, Italy. Both cities are stunningly beautiful and full of rich history!

Travel Tip

Be patient with yourself when you make mistakes. We are human, so we are bound to make mistakes sometimes- especially when we are in new environments! Having the ability to brush it off, or even laugh at yourself, when you make mistakes can make a big difference in how you perceive your experience abroad.