Education and Health Sciences

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Caregiving in a Crisis: Humanitarian Aid Workers

Comparing U.S. and European Schools

Panoramic view of Geneva Switzerland at night

Examine the priorities and challenges of international humanitarian aid through visits with NGOs and leaders in global health in Luxembourg and Switzerland.


NSG 399

Learn More: Caregiving in a Crisis

Belgian buildings and street

Gain a global perspective of education that will inform your future teaching career! This program provides a unique opportunity to explore the culture and education system of Belgium and Austria.


EDT 455

European Perspectives on Support for Children, Families, and Communities

Healthcare Delivery in Central America: Belize

Coming soon!

A village in Belize

Experience first-hand the culture of Belize and its impact on community health while working alongside local physicians and healthcare workers and conducting community triage.


NSG 306 (3-6)

Learn More: Healthcare Delivery

Perspectives of Health and Human Cultures

Coming soon!