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Community-Based Learning: India

Diversity Seminar in Malaysia

View of architecture in India

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Sunset over Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

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Health and Culture in South America

Healthcare Delivery in Central America: Belize

Colorful dancers

investigate the cultural diversity of this country by exploring the Andes, Machu Picchu and various religious and archeological sites with a group of locals. The six credit program includes additional locations and offers credit for different courses.

An ancient pyramid structure in Belize

Experience first-hand the culture of Belize and its impact on community health while working alongside local physicians and healthcare workers and conducting community triage.


NSG 306 (3-6)

Learn More: Healthcare Delivery in Central America

Integrating Spanish and Health in Costa Rica

Pura Vida: Education and Community in Costa Rica

Costa Rican jungle, mountains, and waterfall

Through service-learning, visits to local health centers, and studies in one of the world's healthiest and longest-lived communities, students learn the local culture and health care while increasing their Spanish proficiency.


SPN 203 (3)
SPN 341 (3)

Learn More: Integrating Health and Spanish

A waterfall in green jungle landscape of Costa Rica

Engage with people from three different geographical Costa Rican areas and work with non-profit organizations that are working to effect change using asset-based perspectives. Participants will also visit with school directors who are leveraging different progressive education models.


TCE 225 - (3)
TCE 420 - (3 or 6)

Learn More: Pura Vida

Sport, Management, & Culture in the Global Marketplace in New Zealand

New Zealand skyline as seen from harbor

Students will travel to four cities (Auckland, Dunedin, Queenstown, and Wellington) to examine the structure, management, and marketing of sport in New Zealand culture and society.


SLM 246 (3)
SLM 248 (3)

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