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Career Paths in Health and Medicine

Healthcare Service Learning in Belize

Boston skyline near Quincy Market

Learn professional and internship readiness skills like networking and brief writing, while also doing research on cutting edge medical, global health, public health, and entrepreneurial organizations in Boston.


GHS/PMD 299D (3)

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An ancient pyramid structure in Belize

Experience first-hand the culture of Belize and its impact on community health while working alongside local physicians and healthcare workers and conducting community triage.


NSG 399 (3-6)


Integrating Spanish and Health in Costa Rica

Life at Altitude

Costa Rican jungle, mountains, and waterfall

Through service-learning, visits to local health centers, and studies in one of the world's healthiest and longest-lived communities, students learn the local culture and health care while increasing their Spanish proficiency.


SPN 203 (3) or
SPN 341 (3)


Tibetan towers with mountains in background

Trek through the spectacular snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and experience life at altitude by eating the local cuisine, traveling with Sherpa, and experiencing local practices.


KNH 481 (6) or
KNH 402 (3) or
KNH 499 (3) or
KNH 699 (3 or 6)

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Sport, Management, & Culture in the Global Marketplace: New Zealand Study Abroad

Trek Hidden Costa Rica

New Zealand skyline as seen from harbor

Sail, surf, and street luge to experience sports in New Zealand. Students will also meet with industry leaders while being immersed in the global and local complexities of the New Zealand sport industry.


KNH/SLM 448 (3)
KNH/SLM 446 (3)


A waterfall in green jungle landscape of Costa Rica

Develop your leadership skills as you journey through the jungles of Costa Rica. Adventures include hiking, camping, waterfall rappelling, whitewater rafting, and much more.


EDL 281 (3)

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