Faculty and Staff

Oxford Staff

Ms. Kerry Strader
MUDEC Coordinator

Luxembourg Staff

Mr. Raymond Manes
Interim Executive Director

Daniel Riecker
Student Activities Coordinator

Ms. Meliha Duraković
Housing Coordinator

Anne Niderleidner-Schwartz
Assistant to the Executive Director

Ms. Nadine Theissen
Kitchen Assistant

Philomena (Mena) Urzia
Residence Services

Joseph Vari
Infrastructure and Facility Manager

Marie Vari
Residence Assistant Manager


Prof. Elena Albarrán
History and Global and Intercultural Studies

Prof. Juan Carlos Albarrán
Global and Intercultural Studies

Prof. Phillippe Briot
French and Sociology

Prof. Alain de Muyser
European Comparative Politics

Prof. Jean Junck

Prof. Charles Khoury
Political Science

Dr. Carlo Klein
International Economics

Prof. Stephanie Law

Dr. Thierry Leterre
Professor of Political Science
(On leave 2020-2021)

Prof. Emmanuel Petit

Prof. Ralitza Petit

Dr. Stephanie Shaheen
Intercultural Learning

Prof. Daniel Tesch
International Marketing