Spring 2021

Choose your courses!

Students register for all courses on a first come, first served basis, just as when registering normally at Miami. Classes have a 17-25 person cap, so it is recommended that students select second and third choices in the event that their first choices are full. Each semester we hold a mandatory Registration Info Session the week prior to registration to review the Luxembourg course requirements, to offer some tips and tricks for the day of registration, and to answer any lingering questions. We also strongly advise students to talk to their Academic Advisor prior to scheduling.

All MUDEC students must register for a minimum of 16 credit hours.

Step 1: Choose one class from each category (semester study tour course, sprint course, language)

Semester Study Tour Course
3 credit hours

  • MUS 189L: Great Ideas in Western Music IIA
  • SOC 337L: Sociological Aspects of European Culture
  • HST 250L: History and Popular Culture: Comparative Cold War Childhoods

Sprint Course
3 credit hours

  • GIC 101L: Global and Intercultural Studies IIB, IIC
  • HST 296L: World History since 1945 IIB
  • ENG 262L: Children’s Literature

3 or 4 credit hours

  • FRE 102L: First Year French (4)
  • FRE 202L: Second Year French (3)
  • FRE 310L: Text in Context: Advanced Conversational French through Aspects of Contemporary French (3)
  • FRE 411L: French Civilization (3)
  • GER 102L: First Year German (3)
  • GER 202L: Second Year German (3)
  • GER 322L: Cultural Topics in German-Speaking Countries Since 1870 (3) Cul, H

Step 2: Register for these two required credits

  • LUX 325L: Semester Study Tour Course - Study Tour (1)
  • LUX 335L: European Experience (1)

Step 3: Do you need to complete a thematic sequence?

  • ECO 344L: International Economic Relations (3)
  • FRE 310L: Text in Context: Advanced Conversational French through Aspects of Contemporary French (3)
  • FRE 411L: French Civilization (3)
  • GER 322L: Everyday Culture in German-Speaking Countries (3)
  • HST 271L: The Western Heritage: From the Renaissance to the 20th Century (3)
  • MGT 291L: Introduction to Management and Leadership (3)
  • MKT 291L: Principles of Marketing (3)
  • POL 270L: International Relations: A Survey, Concepts and Analysis (3)
  • POL 321L: Comparative European Politics and the Pursuit of European Unity (3)
  • HST 270L: The Rise and Fall of Hitler (3)

Step 4: Choose one or more courses from the list below to fulfill the required 16-hour minimum

  • ECO 344L: International Economic Relations (3)
  • HST 271L: The Western Heritage: From the Renaissance to the 20th Century (3)
  • ITS 141L: Great European Cities in Historical & Cultural Context (Athens, Rome, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Paris, London) (1)
  • ITS 142L: Great European Cities in Historical & Cultural Context (Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Bruges, Reims, Florence) (1)
  • ITS 315L: Intercultural Learning (2)
  • LUX 345L: History of Luxembourg (1)
  • MGT 291L: Introduction to Management and Leadership (3)
  • MKT 291L: Principles of Marketing (3)
  • POL 270L: International Relations: A Survey, Concepts and Analysis (3)
  • POL 321L: Comparative European Politics and the Pursuit of European Unity (3)

Step 5: Maximize your credits with these tips

  • We strongly recommend you consult your Academic Advisor when selecting your courses.
  • Are any of your major/minor courses offered in Luxembourg this semester? If not, would an online class or independent study be a viable option to get credit for your major/minor?
  • Do you need Global Perspectives? GP can double dip with any courses in Luxembourg with the exception of courses being counted in other Miami Plan Foundation requirements.
  • FSB students are guaranteed either MGT 291 or MKT 291 but are not guaranteed both. However, in recent semesters students have been able to enroll in both classes if needed to stay on track.

Immigration and Flights

As of January 2021, the Government of Luxembourg will require MUDEC students with an American passport to apply for a Long Stay Visa to reside legally in Luxembourg. Once we have your passport scan submitted, we will start the process for you and Luxembourg will issue an official letter inviting you to apply.

Once you have that letter, you will send in your visa application, passport, passport photo and fee (approx. 50 EUR) via certified mail to a Luxembourg Governmental Office in the US. Miami will inform you of the correct address and contact person.

They will securely mail you back your passport, with the visa in it! This allows you to enjoy full European residency until July 30th, 2021.

This whole process can take up to two months from beginning to end, so it is very important that you have your passport ready and follow the deadlines we will issue for each step.

Due to travel restrictions and for peace of mind, we will be providing recommended (but not required) routes to arrive in Luxembourg. You would fly from your local city into a larger hub airport to meet the group for the rest of the trip. We will provide information for a travel agent and updates on the cost and routes in November. For this reason, we recommend holding off on purchasing your ticket until then.


Unless otherwise noted, you will have each Friday-Sunday off without class. Please note that while the MUDEC program typically does not have class instruction on weekends, there are occasionally required weekend course-related activities and lectures.

This calendar should be taken as tentative until the final calendar is published and noted as final.

No travel within the Schengen region is permitted before the program due to European immigration regulations. Everyone must enter the Schengen region on the exact date specified on this calendar. However, students are permitted to remain in Europe up to 90 days after the end of the semester, but must depart Schengen within this timeframe. There are further restrictions on when you can return to the Schengen area. For more information on countries that are included in the Schengen region, please consult the US State Department website. Please note that these are legal requirements, not Miami University policies.

**Please note that exact study tour travel dates and times will be finalized by the individual professor at the beginning of the semester. Do not make any travel plans during study tours until you have confirmed travel dates with your professors. Should you have further questions, please contact the professor directly.

Jan. 24 Students depart from the U.S.
Jan. 25 Students arrive in Luxembourg (do not arrive after 1500 this day)
Jan. 26, 27 Mandatory Integration Program in Luxembourg (Attendance required)
Jan. 28 Begin full class schedule
Feb. 17 No classes
Feb. 19-20 Sprint Field Trip Weekend
Mar. 20-26 Semester Study Tour** (Students are responsible for transportation to study tour location)
Mar. 29 Extended Weekend
Apr. 5 Easter Holiday, no classes
Apr. 6 No classes
Apr. 22 No classes
May 10-12 Final Exams
May 13 Students depart Luxembourg [Schengen Area]
(do not book flights prior to 0930 this day 
if you intend to use public transportation to the airport)
May 15 Final grades due by noon
May 15-16 Commencement

Semester Tuition and Fees

  • Instructional, general, and service fee figures below are ESTIMATES for 2020-2021 based on information obtained from the Bursar. Actual rates are released around mid-June each year.
  • Travel and miscellaneous living expense amounts are ESTIMATES based on information provided by former students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Please be aware of fluctuations in the dollar-Euro exchange rate.
  • Miami scholarships & aid will apply automatically to MUDEC. As part of the application process, students will be considered for a variety of need-based and merit Luxembourg-specific scholarships. Additionally, students can apply for study abroad scholarships.
A. Appears on Bursar E-Bill
Item Luxembourg Oxford
Instructional & general fees1 $7,689.04 $7,689.04
MU Residence Hall room & board
(double occupancy + basic meal plan)
-- $6,930.00
Room and continental breakfast with host family 1,835.00 --
Meal Plan (4 mid-day lunches per week in castle) 820.00 --
Required Study Tour with Professor2 1,800.00 --
Luxembourg Integration Program Fee 90.00 --
Luxembourg Student Activities Fee 85.00 --
Technology Fee 168.00 --
Transportation Fee (Miami-provided airport pickup, special event transport throughout semester) 105.00 --
Study Abroad admin fee 125.00 --
Telecommunications package 185.00 --
SUBTOTAL 12,902.04 14,619.04

Charges in Section A are paid directly to the Miami Bursar for the semester(s) you attend the Luxembourg Campus.

1This amount reflects in-state tuition for the 2018 cohort; out-of-state students will pay out-of-state tuition, and you are encouraged to verify the tuition rate for your cohort.
2If field tour costs are less than estimated, the difference is credited to the student's account. if costs run over, an additional charge is accrued at the end of the semester. Study tour fee includes housing, entrances, activities, some meals, and transportation on site. It does not include transportation to the study tour location.

B. Other Required Fees
Item Luxembourg Oxford
GeoBlue (accidental & sickness) Insurance—required by Miami#,4 285.00 --
Oxford Health Insurance4 -- 861.00
Textbooks & supplies (average cost) 500.00 --
Long Stay Visa 80.00 --
SUBTOTAL 865.00 861.00

#Not billed through Bursar; student will purchase on their own prior to departure.
You must provide proof of purchase of the GeoBlue overseas accident and sickness coverage. Miami University has a contract with GeoBlue to provide not health insurance, but overseas accidental injury and illness insurance. It is supplemental to health insurance and would be used to cover not only non-routine hospitalization coverage, but can be used by the university to provide family member bedside visits or evacuations from locations should they be needed. GeoBlue takes responsibility for managing the care and the case and can provide a guarantee of payment to international providers, which does not leave the student or program director in a position to have to provide immediate out-of-pocket costs.

C. Estimated Variable Costs in Europe5
Item Luxembourg Oxford
Estimated round trip airfare. Fares and taxes vary. 1,400.00 --
Transportation to study tour 150.00 --
MUlaa6 200.00 --
Miscellaneous living expenses (includes other meals) 2,500.00 --
Weekend traveling (includes cultural activities & Discovery Tours)7
2,000.00 --
Lux Public Transportation 0.00 --
Vacation traveling ($500-700 week) 700.00 --
Oxford personal expenses 1,031.00
Oxford transportation 468.00
Oxford books & supplies 620.00
SUBTOTAL 6,950.00 2,119.00

5Students tend to travel at a less expensive rate than the average tourist. These figures depend on the exchange rate and personal spending habits which can vary greatly. Students typically spend between $3,000-$7,000 in additional travel and personal expenses. Those students who travel the traditional student way (youth hostels, practical meal choices, few souvenirs) will have a low budget. Figure around 200 Euros per weekend (50 Euro for 2 nights in a youth hostel + meals + museums).
6MUlaa is a debit account available to all current faculty, staff, and students. It can be used for a wide variety of purchases. Everyone has a MUlaa account, all you need to do to use it is deposit money into the account. See Miami IDs for more information about MUlaa.
7While traveling is important, academics should be your number one priority. Attendance is required and exams are given in each course.

Estimated Totals
Item Luxembourg Oxford
TOTAL for OH residents (A+B+C) $20,717.04 $17,599.04
TOTAL for Non-Ohio Residents* $30,343.56 $27,328.32

*includes $9,626.52/semester non-resident surcharge