Summer 2022

A shorter version of the renowned MUDEC experience, the Miami Summer in Luxembourg is an ideal choice for students who may not have the opportunity to study for a semester in Luxembourg. The nine-credit-hour program offers courses in various disciplines that can be used for a Thematic Sequence, Global Perspectives, or other Miami Plan Foundation requirements in only seven weeks.

Courses for the Miami Summer in Luxembourg satisfy requirements of the Global Miami Plan curriculum and are taught by three Ohio-based Miami professors.

  • Classes typically meet Monday through Thursday (although some Fridays may be required.) Two 6-day (5-night) faculty-led study tours are embedded in the 7-week program.
  • The three courses may fulfill a Thematic Sequence, plus 3 hours towards the Global Perspectives requirement, or the courses may count as the completion of the Global Perspectives requirement, plus 3 hours toward another Global Miami Plan Foundation requirement.
  • There are no prerequisites for these courses, and students must take all three courses.
  • Most students live in a European homestay and therefore have an inside view of the local culture. They have the opportunity to interact with local people and learn about everyday life in Luxembourg. 

Summer 2022 Courses

EDT 284L: Writing for Educators

Instructor: Prof. Katherine Batchelor,

MPF IIB: Humanities, CAS B: Humanities

This course includes a study tour to Berlin, Germany

This writing course is designed for prospective educators and those who want to strengthen their written voices. Students will develop and extend attitudes, habits, and skills that enable them to write with efficiency, clarity, and substance. In addition to writing in a number of genres, students will study the craft of successful writers to learn strategies that expand their own writing repertoire. A central feature of this course is peer response and one-to-one conferences with the instructor to help students learn to revise evolving writing into writing worth reading.

PHL 131L Introduction to Ethics

Instructor: Prof. Pascal Massie,

Introduction to Ethics introduces students to the fundamental questions of philosophy. In the process, it teaches students basic reasoning skills, along with the methodologies and concepts used by philosophers. We will focus on the concepts of “virtue,” “duty,” “desire and pleasure,” and “community” (polis) which are central to ancient ethics. Readings will include: Sophocles, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Epictetus, and Seneca.

CSE 270L: AI and the Meaning of Thought

Instructor: Prof. James Kiper,

CAS B: Humanities

This course includes a study tour to Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France.

This course is a blend of technological, mathematics, sociological, and historical perspectives on the central questions of “what is intelligence?” and “can or will computers think?” Additionally, it meets the MUDEC goal of being Europe-focused in that some of the central historical figures in the quest for machine intelligence and the study of the meaning of intelligence were European: Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage, Bertrand Russel, and Kurt Gödel.


Please note that while the MUDEC program typically does not have class instruction on weekends, there are occasionally required weekend course-related activities and lectures.

This calendar should be taken as tentative until the final calendar is published and noted as final.

Please note that students on the summer program are allowed to be in the Schengen region for a total of 90 days including the program dates. Therefore, it is possible to travel independently after the program ends but students must depart no later than their 90th day in Europe. For more information on countries that are included in the Schengen region, please consult the US State Department website. Note that these are legal requirements, not Miami University policies.

**Exact study tour travel dates and times will be finalized by the individual professor at the beginning of the summer. Do not make any travel plans during study tours until you have confirmed travel dates with your professors. Should you have further questions, please contact the professor directly.

Summer 2022
Date Description
February 28 or March 1 Orientation #1:  Pick February 28 @ 7 p.m. OR March 1 @ 4 p.m. (one Zoom, one in person, COVID-Permitting)
April 12 or April 13 Orientation #2:   Pick April 12 @ 7 p.m.  OR  April 13 @ 4 p.m.
May 14 Earliest arrival day for faculty
May 16 Students depart from the U.S.
May 17 Students arrive in Luxembourg (do not arrive after 1500 this day)
May 18 Mandatory Integration Program in Luxembourg (Attendance required)
May 19-20 Begin full class schedule
May 21-22 Weekend: Discover Europe on your own
May 23-25 Class regular schedule
May 26-31 First Study Tour
June 1-3 Class regular schedule
June 4-5 Weekend: Discover Europe on your own
June 6 Pentecost Monday, Center Closed
June 7 Echternach Visit - Schedule pm only 3
June 8-10 Class regular schedule
June 11-12 Weekend: Discover Europe on your own
June 13-16 Class regular schedule
June 17-19 Weekend: Discover Europe on your own
June 20-June 25 Second Study Tour
June 26-27 Weekend: Discover Europe on your own
June 28-June 30 Class regular schedule
July 1 Final exams
July 2 Students depart

Tuition and Fees

Summer 2021 Program Costs
Tuition + Admin Fee + Program Fee + Personal Expenses = Total Cost
Item Paid To OH Resident Non-OH Resident
Tuition (9 credits) Bursar $5229.42* $8926.44*
Study Abroad Administrative Fee Bursar $175 $175
Program Fee+ Payment Portal (accessed via student application) $3635 $3635
Anticipated Personal Expenses# -- $4123 $4123
TOTAL ESTIMATED PROGRAM COST $13, 162.42 $16, 859.44

*This is the rate for the 2021-2022 academic year

+Program fee includes housing (host family), breakfast and lunches M-R, two study tour field trips, public transportation, and student activities. Deposit of $500 due upon acceptance/no later than February 15. Balance due no later than April 1.

#Personal expenses include transportation to/from program, GeoBlue insurance, personal travel on weekends, and some meals (dinners, meals on weekends)

Explanation of Tuition and Administrative Fees

Please follow this link for a more detailed breakdown of the tuition fees per credit hour 

  • Non-Ohio Resident Tuition Partial Waiver - Non-Ohio residents participating in this study abroad/away program are approved for a discounted tuition rate. This discount is considered a waiver and is incorporated into the above amount. Per University policy, only one tuition waiver can be applied to an individual student per term. If there are multiple waivers, the highest waiver will be applied.
  • Billing and Payment - Tuition and administrative fees are billed to the student's bursar account in accordance with the university's billing timeline, and should be paid prior to the start of the program. For more information, see Paying for College (OneStop).
  • Summer Term Tuition Refund Policy - You must officially withdraw from a credit workshop registration by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the last business day before the start of the workshop to receive a tuition refund. Workshop administrative fees and program fees are non-refundable unless the workshop is cancelled by Miami University. Failure to attend, non-payment, or contacting the workshop director is insufficient notice. To officially withdraw from a workshop, you must contact Global Initiatives via email at
  • Administrative Fee Refund Policy - The $175 administrative fee is charged upon course registration and is non-refundable.

Program Fee Details

  • Program Fee Deposit - Deposits are collected on a first-come, first-serve basis after being admitted to the program. Your deposit reserves your place in the program.
  • Payment Process - Accepted students will have access to a payment portal within their application. Program fees can be paid via this portal using e-check or credit card. Program fees can be paid with scholarships, financial aid, or 529 plans only with the coordination of the Education Abroad office.
  • Program Fee Refund Policy - The program fee payments are non-refundable unless otherwise stated within the application.

Fees and Enrollment

All fees are subject to change without notice, though Miami University will try to avoid this whenever possible. All summer and winter session courses and credit workshops are enrollment contingent, and are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.