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Three Named as Critical Language Scholarship Semi-Finalists
Three Miami students were named as Critical Language Scholarship Semi-Finalists. They will learn if they are selected for the program in April.
Memories of the Arecibo Telescope: A Q-and-A with Miami space physicist Qihou Zhou
Qihou Zhou (shown here in 1993) chair and professor of electrical engineering, was a research scientist at Arecibo Observatory from 1991-2002. At left, he is standing on the catwalk, which is one way to access the instrument platform. At right he is standing on the top rim of the triangular structure seen at left, 500 feet high.Puerto Rico’s famed Arecibo Observatory telescope collapsed last week, ending an era of world-class research. Miami space physicist Qihou Zhou has likely logged more time than anyone else using the facility. Read our Q-and-A with him about his years at Arecibo.
Six Miami students named Gilman Scholars
Six Miami University students received Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships to help fund their study abroad experiences this spring and summer. The combined total awarded to these students is $28,500.
Study "Abroad" (in) India this Winter
Study "Abroad" (in) India this Winter
Intercultural Corner Episode 2
Intercultural Corner Episode 2: What Does It Mean to be 'Immersed' in Culture?
Grad Student Discusses Virtual Study Abroad
Graduate student Samantha Arner is part of a selection of students who discuss how they adapted their study abroad during the pandemic. (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 8, 2020)
International Education Week 2020 Goes Virtual
International Education Week 2020 at Miami offers a variety of events to salute students, staff, and faculty who seek international educational opportunities across borders and disciplines.
Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Virtually in Kenya
Pranshu and his broomball team after winning the championship game.Meet Samantha, a graduate student who is earning her master's degree in biology this December. Samantha completed a virtual study abroad experience through Project Dragonfly to study Kenyan conservation during Summer 2020.
Introducing 'Intercultural Corner' Podcast
Introducing Intercultural Corner, the official podcast of Global Initiatives at Miami University. Through interviews with faculty, students, and staff who learn by traveling the world and creating intentional global encounters, we'll explore all the ways that faculty and students can connect with the world.